By Lynda Hirsch

May 11, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": A stunned Hope must remind Thomas that she's married after he gives her a surprise kiss. Sally returns home to find Wyatt waiting for her. She thinks that they are going to makeup, but instead, Wyatt makes a startling revelation. Thomas continues to manipulate Hope in hopes that she will one day be his.

Sally attempts to apologize to Wyatt for keeping such a secret from him, but Wyatt remains angry at her. Ridge reveals to Brooke what Thomas' intentions are for Hope. Thomas tells Hope that he thinks it is their destiny to be together. Communication breaks down between Sally and Wyatt.

Sally fumes at Thomas that his desire to get back with Hope has cost her dearly. Wyatt tells an ecstatic Quinn what transpired between him and Sally. He further reveals Thomas' plan for reuniting with Hope. Hope gives an overwhelmed Flo a tour of Forrester Creations. Flo is aghast when Hope shares her current thoughts about Liam and Thomas.

Liam returns from Paris determined to not allow Hope to be manipulated by Thomas. Flo struggles with keeping the secret about Beth from Hope.

The situation between Thomas and Liam becomes heated. Wyatt and Flo discuss Sally. Quinn and Sally each give as good as they get while having an argument about Wyatt.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Victor admits to Sharon that Adam is alive and Victor is trying to help him regain his memory. Victor explains that while he and Adam had issues, Adam is still his son and Victor loves him. Victor agrees to let Sharon contact Adam. Sharon gets a response from Adam, who agrees to meet with her. Victor wants her to be careful, as he fears Adam's condition has made him dangerous.

Upon learning that Mia has been outed as Lola's attacker, Rey rushes home to handle the situation. He admits to Lola that he was the one who covered up Mia's guilt, explaining that he only did it to protect the baby. Despite Lola's decision to keep Mia's involvement a secret, Paul catches Mia about to flee town and begins to put the pieces together. He pressures Mia into a confession, but before he can arrest her, she doubles over in pain and is rushed to the hospital. Once Mia has been cleared by the doctor, Rey and Arturo decide it's time to figure out her baby's paternity once and for all. While the DNA results are processed, Rey appeals to Paul on Mia's behalf. Moved by Rey's explanation, Paul agrees to drop the charges. Once that's settled, Mia and Arturo apologize to Rey for their betrayal, and the family begins to heal.

Phyllis tells Summer about her new business plan, suggesting that she leave Jabot and come to work with her. Summer declines, and Phyllis asks her to at least help her spy on Jabot. Realizing that Phyllis used her credentials to hack into Jabot's servers, Summer refuses, chastising Phyllis for her behavior. Wanting to remain loyal to Jabot, Summer tells Jack about Phyllis' subterfuge, and Jack decides to take matters into his own hands.

Wanting to keep Kyle close, Summer ropes him into a business dinner with an influencer, but her plans backfire when they end up at Society, with all the attention on Lola. She tries to regain control of the situation, but Kyle refuses to play along and separates from the group to be there for Lola.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": When Maggie points out that Rex is a two-timing rat, Sara asks her mother to accept Rex and stop criticizing him. Will is worried because the radiation has not shrunk his tumor. His concern grows when he starts having memory loss and strange reactions. Gabi tells Stefan they are all sex and no substance. Trying to play supercop, Rafe decides to go after the van in which kidnapped Holly is being kept. During the chase, the van goes off a cliff and explodes. Everyone in town is horrified, thinking Nicole's daughter is dead. In truth, Xander has sent the little girl to a new family. Blaming Eric, Nicole orders him out of her life. Brady is unable to get Nicole to see Eric is not at fault. Maggie, heartbroken, as Holly was her last link to Daniel, almost goes off the wagon. Nicole stops her from taking a swig of vodka. When JJ hears Jack lie about Abe's sexual harassment of Sheila, JJ reveals Jack raped Kayla. With the election seemingly lost, Eve and Jack have one more dirty trick. They make Haley reveal that she only married Tripp to stay in the country.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Jason clubs Shiloh over the head just before Shiloh tries to ravage Sam. Shiloh is unaware that Jason was the one who cold-clocked him. After Willow tells her about her experience with Dawn of Day, Kristina decides to leave the group. Julian rehires Kristina, who is sorry for all the grief she caused. Jason tells her it was not her fault. Wanting to help Joss deal with Oscar's death, Jax comes to town. Planning to stay around for a while, he asks Lucy to find him an apartment. Sonny tries to be civil to Jax, who is Carly's ex-husband. Kim continues to lean on Julian to deal with her grief over Oscar's death. Kevin is disappointed when he is ruled out as a donor for Jordan, as he is pre-diabetic. Not in on the scheme to smoke out Ryan, Lucy bristles when she sees Ava with Kevin. Robert is disgusted when he cannot convince Anna to brush off Finn's proposal. With Kristina out of the cult, Neil and Alexis wonder if they should step up their romance. Anna decides not to see if Peter may not be her son and just accept that he is. Maxie and Peter decide to move on with their romance. Sonny tells Jason they still need to take down Shiloh. Willow fears Shiloh will learn baby Wiley is his biological son and will try to get custody. Lucas talks to Julian about Brad's interest in Dawn of Day.


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