By Lynda Hirsch

April 20, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hope erroneously believes that the important news Flo has been trying to tell her is the identity of her father. Bill and Justin laugh at the thought of Bill having a daughter. Quinn pays a surprise visit to Bill and calls him out for his past affiliation with Shauna. Flo is caught when Shauna reveals to everyone that Flo has never been pregnant.

Flo finds herself in a difficult predicament when Shauna demands that she tell everyone the truth about never having been pregnant. Quinn reveals startling news about Flo to Bill. Hope unknowingly makes matters worse between Flo and Shauna. Later, Flo reveals her part in the baby-swap to a mortified Shauna. Hope misses Beth and Phoebe.

Brooke surprises the group at Forrester with news of Flo's paternity. Hope shares the same news with Liam. Flo expresses her guilt and remorse to Shauna, who reprimands her daughter for being involved in such a despicable scheme. Liam expresses his love to Hope.

Liam shares with Hope how much he misses her and that he hopes to reconnect soon. Ridge and Thomas discuss Caroline, Douglas and Hope. Thomas shocks Ridge with his admission about Hope. Ridge reminds Thomas that Hope is married to Liam. Hope tells Liam she feels bad about keeping him from Phoebe and Kelly.

Wyatt and Sally worry about Liam and Hope. Thomas and Douglas visit Hope, and Douglas brings Hope a flower. Thomas agrees with Hope when she reveals that she thinks Liam should go to Paris to visit Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. Liam makes a decision about his marriage.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Abby anxiously prepares for the grand opening of Society, but her preparations are hindered by bad luck. Lola is forced to recalibrate her menu when her ingredients are delayed, the fire alarm won't stop going off, and the building loses power. Wanting to help Abby realize her dream — and hoping to get back in her good graces — Arturo steps in to help. He finds a fix for the fire alarm and the power outage and helps Lola find the confidence to rebuild her menu. With things running smoothly, Abby prepares to welcome her guests, but when she opens the doors, she finds that no one has shown up.

Meanwhile, Kyle buys a necklace to give Lola on her big night, but Summer sees the necklace and assumes that it's for her. Later, Kyle gives Lola the necklace, asking her to wear it for him. Summer sees the necklace around Lola's neck and is stung when she realizes it was never intended for her.

Despite Abby's initial worries, guests begin to show up in droves, including Mia, who is furious when she discovers that she's not on the list. Abby tries to pay Arturo to thank him for his earlier help, but he refuses, insisting that he did it all for her. Abby starts to soften, but her walls go back up when she sees that Mia has snuck into the party. Furious, Abby prepares to have her thrown out, but Arturo intervenes, admitting that Mia is pregnant — with a baby that could be his. Disgusted, Abby tells Arturo to take Mia and get out of her restaurant.

Meanwhile, Mia acts out to get Rey's attention, flirting with Jack and ordering champagne. Furious that she would drink while pregnant, Rey intervenes, hauling her out of the party. Satisfied to have gotten under his skin, Mia attempts to seduce him, but Rey keeps her at a distance, warning her that if she jeopardizes the safety of their child again, he'll turn her over to the police. Devon brings Elena as his date, attracting attention from everyone, but he keeps his focus entirely on her. Victoria tells Billy she is not ready to accept his proposal, but she gives him hope when she doesn't say no.

Victoria and Billy prepare to head to the party at Society, but they're interrupted when Victor arrives and tells his daughter that it's time they talked. Nikki hires Rey to uncover Victor's secret.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Gabi suggests Stefan make love to her, not Gaby with a Y. He rolls his eyes and says, "That will never happen." El Fideo's henchman arrives at the mansion. As Hector takes aim, Rafe storms in. Gabi is horrified when Rafe is shot in the melee. The medicos say Rafe will be fine. Ted is furious when he gets a mysterious phone call, and he yells that the person must never contact him again. Brady is not thrilled when Victor tells him he and Kate will be working on Titan. Eric offers to be the photographer for Rex and Sarah's wedding. Eric tells Sarah that Nicole was the love of his life and he cannot move on without her. Just before heading to his biopsy, Will has a seizure. Will makes Rex and Sonny promise not to tell anyone about the tumor; he wants to wait until the results of the biopsy are in. It's double-wedding day: Jack and Eve and Tripp and Haley get married. Ben and Ciara become passionate. Ben is forced to leave Ciara. While Ben is looking for the warlord, Ciara is abducted.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Brad is uneasy when he learns Sasha is staying in town. Kristina is furious that Jason kidnapped her. Alexis is outraged when she learns Julian gave Kristina $10,000, which she used for Dawn of Day. Daisy tries to help Sam with Kristina. Neil appears to know more about Dawn of Day than he is saying. As he comes closer to death, Oscar moves into the Q mansion. Joss and Oscar write a song for the Nurses Ball. Knowing it will be hard for his parents to plan his funeral, Oscar asks Ned and Olivia to plan it. Julia contacts a grieving Kim. Cameron gets in trouble when he beats up a student for calling Aiden a "fairy boy." Jason realizes Brad and Margaux are in Dawn of Day. With his practice at the hospital suspended, Kevin looks for an off-site office. Laura and Kevin admit they love each other but do not know where things go next. Ava is certain that Ryan is alive and asks Scotty to help her to find him. Liesl is happy but confused when tests show Sasha is Nina's daughter. Sasha and Michael make love. Jordan continues her wait for a kidney transplant. Curtis thanks Aunt Stella for being so good to Jordan during this difficult time. Jason wants Sam to stop her pursuit of Shiloh, fearing it is too dangerous. Learning Charlotte is out of the country, Valentin plans to sue for full custody of Charlotte.


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