By Lynda Hirsch

March 2, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy feels the pressure of raising two daughters as a single mother. Hope insists to Liam that that he belongs with Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. Wyatt fills Bill in on how he connected with Sally and lists all of the wonderful traits that she possesses. Liam vows to Hope that he will not give up on their marriage. Eric visits his granddaughter Steffy. Liam runs into Bill. Wyatt gives Sally good news.

Steffy discourages Hope from making any drastic decisions. Bill tells Liam that Hope's scenario for Liam's family makes sense. Wyatt and Sally wonder how Bill will get back in Liam's good graces. Donna has a not-so-subtle conversation with Katie about Bill. Wyatt and Sally role-play about how to negotiate with Bill Spencer. To Liam and Steffy's horror, Hope makes a grand gesture toward them.

Will puts his parents in the hot seat by asking them a pointed question about their past. Wyatt and Sally deliver the news to Eric and Quinn that they are moving from Forrester Creations to Spencer Publications. Bill admits he's only reviving Spectra to bring Wyatt back to Spencer. Heartbroken, Hope does her best to explain her rationale to Steffy and Liam. Hope holds Phoebe as if she were Beth.

Zoe confronts Flo, who is now working as a bartender at Bikini Bar. Flo admits that she is still emotional about Reese's involving her in switching babies and she's decided to stay in Los Angeles. Liam convinces Hope that staying together and working through their grief is the right move. Katie decides to take Hope to the Bikini Bar to get her mind off of Beth. Bill makes a last-minute change to the Spectra Deal with Sally and Wyatt.

Ridge visits Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. Wyatt and Liam spend brother time together as Wyatt fills Liam in on Wyatt and Sally's move to Spencer, and Liam shares with Wyatt what's been going on with Hope and Steffy. Wyatt asks Liam to consider Hope's proposal as Ridge discusses the same topic with Steffy. Katie and Hope have a candid conversation only a few feet away from where Flo is tending bar.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": In court, Michael leans on Mariah, trying to get her to implicate Tessa as the blackmailer. Mariah resists, and Sharon finally intervenes, asking Brittany to stop Michael. Brittany steps in, helping Mariah to cover her real reason for keeping the incriminating video a secret. Phyllis then arrives, promising a disbelieving Nick that she'll do everything she can to protect his family.

Summer attempts to cheer up Phyllis, convincing her to try reconciling with Nick, but Nick refuses to hear Phyllis' apology, insisting that their relationship is truly over. Not knowing who else to turn to, Phyllis reaches out to Kerry, who expresses her own doubts about Phyllis' ability to run Jabot and manage the trial. Knowing how precarious her position is, Phyllis resecures Kerry's loyalty by promising to treat her as a partner moving forward.

Meanwhile, Summer is shocked when she receives a call from Nate, revealing that she's a potential match for Lola's liver donation. Knowing the leverage that her position gives her, Summer tells Kyle that she could be Lola's donor but claims that she's too scared to go through with the surgery.

Wanting to do damage control, Michael begs Nikki and Victoria to be honest with him, and they admit that everything Phyllis said was true. Both women ask him to put them on the stand, but Michael refuses, insisting that their best chance is to make a deal with Christine, offering a confession for reduced sentences. Michael asks Brittany to join him in his strategy, but she refuses, having decided on a different course of action after learning that Sharon and Rey were romantically involved.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Marlena is confused when John defends Leo. Diana plots to ruin Marlena and John's marriage. Marlena is blindsided when Victor tells her Diana was pregnant when she left town. Stefan is furious when Gabi tells Shin that Stefan cut the Gabi Chic line. Forced to bring back the line, Stefan warns Gabi she fooled with the wrong person. Realizing Ben did not set the cabin fire, Hope offers her sincere apology. Ben says he was ready to kill his own sister; he thinks he should be locked away forever. Ciara is crushed when Ben says he is not safe to be around and ends their relationship. Claire recalls setting the fire. Tripp finds the lighter used to set the fire in Claire's belongings. Haley is shocked when she watches the mayoral debate and it's revealed Melinda has a sister who is in the country illegally. A betrayed JJ disowns Jack. Jen tells JJ that Jack was never perfect, but he is being manipulated by Eve and wonders if Dr. Rolf's potion has made him evil. Diana warns Leo not to cross her or he will regret it. After having a sexual dream about Eric, Sarah turns down Rex's proposal. Rex turns to Eric to help him win Sarah back. Rafe warns Ted to stay away from Hope. Kayla tells Haley she understands why she lied on her resume and wishes she could help her. When immigration agents are too busy, Eli and Lani are forced to arrest Haley.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Sam rushes Jason to the hospital. When he wakes, his vision has returned. When Shiloh sees Sam kissing Jason, she slaps Jason and tells Shiloh he does not get it that she no longer wants him. Kristina tells Sam she is better off without Jason. Sam bites her tongue as she wants to remind her sister how many times Jason saved Kristin's life. Out of the hospital, Jason warns Carly to stop her investigation of Ferncliff as it could harm her or her unborn baby. At Ferncliff, Franco realizes Kevin is really Ryan. Ryan stabs Franco and runs off. Julian and Scott tell Ava she should wait before rushing to marry Kevin. Alexis is unhappy when the doctor tells her to stop blaming her father for all her misdeeds. Peter agrees to be Valentin's best man. Scorpio tells Peter he does not trust him and thinks he has inherited Faison's genes. He warns Peter that if he hurts Anna, he will make him pay. Lulu discovers that two people were killed in Texas and the killer was never caught. Putting things together, she realizes Franco is not the killer. Liz tends to a wounded Franco and calls 911. Disobeying their parents, Joss, Cameron and Oscar take a road trip to Niagara Falls.


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