By Lynda Hirsch

March 3, 2018 3 min read

According to several news sources, Winsor Harmon, who played Thorne for over 20 years on "The Bold and the Beautiful," was arrested in the San Fernando Valley. The police were called when Harmon was spotted relieving himself in a public area. It appears police found him in his SUV, scattered with libations, sans pants. Reportedly he told the police officer he had slept overnight in the vehicle.

"The Bold and the Beautiful's" Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) may have to dance in order to avoid bullets — everyone has been pushing the "I could kill you" button. Sally actually took a shot, but aimed at his beloved model tower sky. Katie is furious when Bill suggests he plans to get full custody of Will thanks to her dalliance with Wyatt. Wyatt has had enough of being bullied and is sick of always being considered the less favorite son. The favorite son — Liam — hates him because Bill slept with his wife... Steffy. Ridge hates him because he slept with his daughter... Steffy. Quinn hates him just because she does. Sheila, who hates the world, sees Bill's getting shot as a means to get together with Eric. In real life, Diamont will be dancing on the Italian version of "Dancing With the Stars." For years, "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been the most popular show in the country. Ronn Moss (Ex Ridge) competed last year and came in second place.

Over at "The Young and the Restless," the death of a character will reunite characters that have been off the canvas for years. Mac, Raul and other return, and it would be great if the characters stayed around. Kelly Kruger — the last actress to play Mac — is the real life wife of Darin Brooks. David Lago, who won an Emmy for playing Raul, has been busy playing Elvis Presley to critical acclaim on the Chicago stage and making several movies. It would be great if both of these actors came back long-term.

Soap opera humor rarely works. For some reason, the writers at "All My Children" thought it was hilarious to have Tad dress in a chicken suit to wine and dine lady love Dixie. If my date showed up in that costume, I would say, "check, please!" This week, writers at "The Young and the Restless" thought it would be sidesplitting to show Hilary having "funny" nightmares about giving birth to a child after her insemination. Really though, it is not funny and it is just a waste of airtime. Whenever an actor has to do something over-the-top silly in a soap, I wonder what they thought when first seeing the script. They are actors, and it is their job to make it work — and hey, they do — but they have to be doing the are you kidding me eye rolls.

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