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By Jenny McCarthy

September 2, 2014 2 min read

Cue the back-to-school blues. Every parent has mixed emotions when it comes to this time of year. There are tears because our babies are getting older and won't be home so much, and there is excitement because our babies are growing up and we'll have more time for ourselves. (Let's be honest, though. I'd spend every minute of every day with Evan if I could.)

On top of the stress of actually going back to school, there's the stress of making sure your kids have every school supply they could possibly need. What happened to the days when there was just one type of pencil, pen and notebook? Now there's actually a pen aisle — an entire aisle dedicated just to pens. It's crazy!

So as the lazy summer days are replaced by a school schedule, car pools and homework, I've decided to make the best of it by trying to make the year as memorable as possible for both Evan and me. Here are my three goals for this school year:

—Come up with a back-to-school tradition — or even a weekly tradition during the school year — such as a special dinner or game night.

—Volunteer at the school. If they need a chaperone for a trip, I'll be the first one to volunteer so I'll get to spend the day with Evan and his new friends.

—Make sure to have conversations about Evan's day every day. Be there to listen to his stories; give him advice; and just enjoy the day with him.

Missing Evan while he's at school only makes the time I get to spend with him once he's home that much more special — even if it consists of my helping him with his homework.

What are some ways you cope with the back-to-school blues?

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