The Art of Invention

By Jenny McCarthy

March 3, 2015 2 min read

In my book "Stirring the Pot," I mentioned seven things I wish someone would invent — for example, a way to take back a text, email or voice message that you sent but immediately regretted. Since writing the book, I've come up with a few other things. Whom do we need to call to make these happen?

—Nail polish that never chips. How amazing would it be to never have to worry about your polish chipping? We can travel to the moon, yet I can't go more than five days without half my polish coming off. (Even the so-called no-chip manis don't last!) We need to change that.

—Along the lines of no-hangover pills, which I mentioned in my book, but better yet: Why doesn't someone create no-hangover alcohol? With all the different brands and flavors of alcoholic beverages out there, why can't someone figure out a way to make one that doesn't leave our heads pounding in the morning?

—An automatic clothing folder. We have machines to wash and dry our clothes, so why don't we have one to fold our clothes for us? I know I'd still have to put them away, but maybe we could work on a solution to that next.

—A device to record dreams. Could you imagine what it would be like if we could record dreams and play them back the next day? We could make our own little miniseries of our dreams. Of course, we'd be able to filter them by category and delete any undesirable dreams.

What are some other great ideas you wish someone would invent? Tweet me @JennyMcCarthy.

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