Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Animal Prints Are on the Prowl

By Sharon Mosley

October 8, 2019 5 min read

"I love a touch of animal print," says fashion designer Michael Kors. "It's the quickest way to glamour."

Kors roars onto the fall 2019 fashion scene with a collection full of animal prints, from leaping leopards to zippy zebras, creating a fashion jungle on everything from handbags and boots to faux fur coats and sunglasses — and everything in between.

Not since legendary fashion editor extraordinaire Diana Vreeland pushed the animal prints of a young Yves Saint Laurent have the cats been howling as much as they have on the runways this season.

Vreeland was a big fan of animal prints; she not only adopted them as her own uniform but also used them liberally when decorating her home. The print that can truly be called a classic has now found its way into stylish wardrobes everywhere, for women young and old.

Let's face it: Animal prints are here to stay. Now designers everywhere are embracing their wild sides. Here are a few ways to get your wardrobe roaring with chic animal prints this fall:

— Dress it up. Yes, this may be the ultimate style statement — head-to-toe animal print in a chic dress; the Leopard Georgette Wrap Dress by Michael Kors is a great option. Go ahead and snatch this one up for that first holiday party ahead. Yes, you can get away with it, especially for evening occasions when you've got your claws out, ready to scratch your way out of the little black dress crowd.

— Jackets required. Another way to do animal prints big time. Top off jeans and a white T-shirt with the Leopard Print Top Coat from Banana Republic, and you've got a winning combination. Or dress up in a satin leopard print bomber jacket, available from Mother at Saks, and you've got sporty cocktail attire ready for any party.

— Skirting the issue. The perfect foil to the classic black turtleneck this fall is the Ruched Leopard-Print Midi-Skirt from FiveSeventyFive at Barneys. Pair it with black tights and lace up combat boots for an instant trend boost.

— Power plays. Even the suit gets a lift from animal prints this season. When you want to look uber powerful, suit up in a double-breasted, spotted, leopard print jacket worn over matching trousers, such as the ones from Veronica Beard, the velveteen leopard suit from Rebecca Taylor or Tom Ford's snake print suit, all available at Neiman Marcus.

— Faux sure. The cat fur was flying off the runways, especially in coats and jackets, but vests are one of the newest ways to get the feline fashion growling in your wardrobe this fall. Vests are easy to layer over T-shirts, turtlenecks or even sweatshirts —and another way to dress up jeans or leggings. Bloomingdale's offers a wide range of faux fur vests. Check out another option with the leopard print puffer vest at Gap.

— Topping it off. Want something new to wear with those trusty black trousers to work? How about an animal print bow blouse? Or a belted, animal print tunic top? It's the perfect way to perk up black or camel basics. Check out Alice and Olivia for some of the best tops, and for less expensive animal print tops, check out the ones at Topshop.

— Catty accessories. You may not want to dress up like Catwoman in that suit or cocktail dress, but, hey, you can at least purr over a furry wraparound muffler, an animal-print tote bag or a spotted leopard belt, now, couldn't you? There are plenty of shoes and boots in a wide range of prices that will give you even more meow pow. My favorite animal print accessory spot? Net-A-Porter. Happy hunting!

 Animal prints roar this fall in a patchwork leather jacket by Michael Kors
Animal prints roar this fall in a patchwork leather jacket by Michael Kors

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