Fall Fashion Frights: What Not to Wear

By Sharon Mosley

October 16, 2018 5 min read

You don't have to dress like a nightmare before Christmas to know that there is plenty of scary fashion out there right now ... maybe even lurking inside your own closet. Although you may channel the magic of a unicorn on Halloween, when it comes to meeting a new client at the office, it's time to lose the horns and get out of costume mode. Here are some fashion frights to avoid any time of the year.

—Oversize overload. The bigger-is-better trend seems to have taken over the runways this fall but getting swallowed up by huge coats is not always a good thing. Remember: Big clothes make you look bigger, too. So when you're shopping for a new coat, keep this in mind. Choosing a more tailored belted style may be your best bet.

—The big squeeze. Skin-tight anything is just so not right ... not to mention uncomfortable. See-through super-tight leggings should be banned, but a recent trip to the airport proves that they still exist. This fall, watch out for leather leggings, which promise to be a big trend. Just make sure they don't turn you into a disco diva who steals the show for all the wrong reasons. Wearing a long jacket or tunic may be more flattering than a crop top. CYB: Cover your butt!

—Shoe shock. Never buy a pair of shoes that are too tight, either. Blisters are a real pain. You can always take a new pair of shoes to a repair shop for stretching, but you can't always count on a perfect outcome. Hobbling around in heels that are too high is another scary thing. Just ask anyone who has ended up visiting an orthopedist. There are lots of low-heel shoes available now that are not only comfortable, but stylish, too. Slip into a pair of leopard-print smoking loafers for an instant wardrobe update this fall.

—Monster mash. Paisley and plaids? Stripes and florals? With all the clashing patterns now making news — yes, all thrown together in one outfit — it can be confusing. But mixing prints is what it's all about this fall. The trick to not looking like you got dressed in the dark is to choose pieces in the same color family. And when in doubt, stick to a monochromatic color scheme. Wearing the same hues from head to toe can be one of the most sophisticated ways to dress.

—Loco logos. Clothing with designer logos is making a comeback. We've seen them on handbags for years. But when these brands are splashed across every piece of clothing you wear, the effect is more trash than treasure. Throw in a baggy T-shirt or two that you picked up for free at that last work convention, and you've got a recipe for fashion disaster. Keep it subtle ... and limit those logos.

—Glitz blitz. Sparkle is everywhere this season, and with the holidays right around the corner, the bling blitz will be on big time. But now that sequins are stylish daytime attire, there's lots of room for overdoing the glitz. Stick to one shining statement piece, whether it's a dazzling pair of chandelier earrings or a studded pair of boots.

—Fluffy puffy. The faux fur is flying this year, and it's hard not to get caught up in the lush plush trend. But when investing in a new piece, try it on and look in the mirror. It can be easy to look like you've been upholstered. Stick to sleeker silhouettes that don't overpower you.

—Denim in distress. The ripped denim trend has been around for a while, and now jean shorts have gotten the treatment, especially among the college crowd who wear their cutoff Daisy Dukes with cowboy boots. Just beware: When the pockets are hanging out, there's not much left to the imagination. Enough said.

Invest in faux fur pieces with flattering, sleek silhouettes. This teal faux fur jacket is from Michael Kors. www.michaelkors.com.
Invest in faux fur pieces with flattering, sleek silhouettes. This teal faux fur jacket is from Michael Kors. www.michaelkors.com.

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