Fabulous Five for Fall

By Sharon Mosley

August 23, 2016 4 min read

There are always ways to update our wardrobes in a new season, especially in the fall. It's always been the start of the fashion calendar. And this year, there are lots of ways to put a new spin on the old standbys. So here's a quick list of the basic must-haves to get you started. Take notes on these fabulous five fashion finds:

Start with something velvet. The silky fabric is having a heyday in a resurgence of popularity not seen since the '70s when velvet was a favorite for the rock 'n roll crowd who donned velvet in dandified pantsuits, long maxi skirts and embroidered jackets. So velvet is making a huge comeback this fall, but refined in dressed up details and softened flowing silhouettes enriched with jewel-tone colors and embellishments. Don't wait for the holidays to snag a velvety piece for your wardrobe...start shopping for it now...and wear it now.

Add a statement jacket. Velvet is a good start, but the jackets this fall and holiday season will be the one go-to piece you'll want to have to wear day in and day out. Check out the brocades, the metallic, the glossy leathers, colorful suedes and military-inspired looks. If you only add one new piece to your closet this fall, make it a special jacket that you can wear with everything. And remember: oversize is a good thing for once.

Suit up with a dandy of a suit. The mismatched suit has long been the "creative" take on the professional side of fashion's work force, but this fall, the more "matched" separates the better. Whether it's a brightly colored suede skirt and jacket or a black and white tweed pair of pants and long vest, the suit of the moment is nothing but classic. Think preppy with a twist of punk thrown in. Nothing is classic, even if the pieces themselves are inspired by the old favorites.

Dress on the dark side. Think you've seen enough of mismatched prints the past year? Well, now you can take a deep breath. Matching prints are still all the rage, and for fall, you can feel free to wear them head to toe in all their glory. There are some flowers that bloom on the bright side, but most of the prints that you'll see for the new season ahead are on the dark, romantic side. Whether they are dresses, pantsuits or pleated skirts, take a walk on the wild side and let your wild side show. If you love leopard prints, then you're in for a treat.

Go for a little sporty look. The ath-leisure trend has gone mainstream and it's not just for Olympians anymore. Take a tip from trendsetters everywhere who have embraced the casual lifestyle and then dressed it up to make the crossover from active wear to streetwear a big shift in fashion. Think about pairing a track suit jacket with a floral dress; or a graphic moto-leather jacket with a pair of stirrup ski pants. (Yes, stirrup pants are back!)

Just remember...the new way to dress is to think in opposites....come up with fresh contrasts to the ways you've always put together your outfits. Get creative and have fun. Start by finding these new key pieces that will give your wardrobe a whole new fashion twist on life.

 The statement blouse or jacket is a key item to buy for fall. www.target.com
The statement blouse or jacket is a key item to buy for fall. www.target.com

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