Spring Cover-Ups

By Sharon Mosley

April 15, 2014 3 min read

Up. Down. Up. Down. One day the weather is warm and sunny; the next day it's chilly and may be downright cold. But while the temperatures this time of year may fluctuate dramatically, there's one way to be ready no matter what the weather has in store — just take a look at these stylish possibilities. There's a cover-up for any occasion.

—Start with a classic. You can't beat a great trenchcoat. The modern trenches have dug their way out of the boring khaki days. There are plenty of exciting coats to choose from this year — from pretty pastels to artsy prints. Take your pick and wear this classic all year long.

—Go with the swing. Another overcoat that's making the trend rounds this spring is the swingy, flared coat. This cocoon-like shape can easily be dressed up or down ... even for evenings out on the town.

—Slick it up. There's nothing worse than getting soaked in a thunderstorm. That's when a true rain "slicker" comes in handy. Choose your raincoats wisely — polyurethanes or microfibers will keep you drier than some natural fibers. Team up with a pair of colorful rubber boots, and you will be covered.

—Add a sporty bomber. The shorter jackets with an athletic vibe are springing up this year detailed with fun logos and graphic prints. Pair these blousy jackets with casual denim, or dress them up with slim skirts for work.

—Get vested. It may be the best transition cover-up around. You can choose what you wear under one of these versatile outerwear pieces — sweaters if it's cool outside or a lighter-weight tee if the weather is only a little chilly.

—Play with a poncho. This playful fashion item has now become a basic in many wardrobes. It happens to be one of my favorites, and it's the perfect spring cover-up for so many occasions. From float chiffon florals to sweater knits, you can slip them easily over all kinds of layers. And they cover up a multitude of figure flaws!

—Scarf it up. Other fun ways to take the chill off spring, scarves and shawls are now available in so many colors, lengths and widths that they have become a staple in our wardrobes. And what better way to transition into warmer weather, whether they are wrapped around your shoulders or wrapped around your neck?

—Denim does it all. The denim jacket is a year-round favorite cover-up. You can't go wrong with this jaunty style. This spring, try a cropped version in white.

(SET PHOTO) smo041514adAP.jpg (END IMAGE) (SET CAPTION) Casual bomber-style jackets get punched up with graphic prints this spring. (LandsEnd.com) (END CAPTION)

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