Ask Stacy for 8/11/18

By Stacy Jenel Smith

August 11, 2018 4 min read

DEAR STACY: What's become of Tracy Nelson? She was so funny in "Seinfeld." — Diane

DEAR DIANE: At 54, Nelson is a survivor in the truest sense of the word as well as the pop cultural sense. She fought three types of cancer, (Hodgkins lymphoma, thyroid and breast cancer), and has been an active spokesperson for cancer research as well as a vocal supporter of Obamacare. She has also talked about nearly being financially ruined by health care costs. Tracy is, as you likely know, show business royalty as the daughter of the late Ricky Nelson and Kristin Harmon Nelson, the niece of Mark Harmon and the granddaughter of Ozzie and Harriet — and her life has been fraught with anguish, including the loss of her father in a plane crash on Dec. 31, 1985. This past April, her mother died after a tumultuous life that included alcohol and drug problems, and a very bitter public feud with brother Mark stemming from her dependencies. Tracy has written a book about her family, "The Nelsons." She continues to act, with credits in several low-budget films in recent years ("Arlo: The Burping Pig," "The Last Note" and the upcoming "As Long as I'm Famous'), in addition to Lifetime's "A Fatal Obsession" and "The Wrong Child" movies. The "Square Pegs" and "Father Dowling Mysteries" star is divorced and has two children, a daughter, born in 1992, and a son in 2001.

DEAR STACY: I would like to know whether Zachary Quinto is married? — M.H.

DEAR M.H.: Since 2013, the actor has been in a relationship with artist and model Miles McMillan, with whom he lives in New York. A couple of years ago, after he was spotted wearing a ring on his left hand, the "Star Trek Beyond" and "Snowden" actor was asked by E! News whether he and Miles had wed. He said, "I am thrilled that we can (get married) and I fought really hard for the right to marriage equality. I am really grateful for the Supreme Court for passing it a year ago. ... We love each other and we talk about it, but we have no immediate plans."

DEAR STACY: Is O.J. Simpson really the godfather of Kim Kardashian? — Just Want to Know

DEAR JUST: Simpson referred to Kim as his goddaughter in a 2008 Los Angeles Times interview, but she has never confirmed it publicly.

DEAR STACY: What happened to Jimmie Walker, the actor who played J.J. on "Good Times"? — Addie

DEAR ADDIE: Walker, 71, does a lot of comedy concert dates, clubs and corporate gigs. You can see him at the L.A. County Fair Sept. 14, if you happen to be in the vicinity. He also still does occasional TV appearances. And he's a presence on political talk shows, describing himself as a "realist independent" and a Donald Trump supporter. The funny man, who ruled the pop culture scene with his "Dy-no-mite!" catch phrase in the 1970s, was reported to be dating acerbic conservative pundit Ann Coulter last year, but they said they were just good friends.

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