Celebrity Swans Went From Not to Hot

By Stacy Jenel Smith

July 12, 2016 5 min read

In a summer funk because you don't quite measure up to those beautiful body images coming at you from screens, signs and pages? Well, cheer up. Though gorgeous celebrities seem to embody the "perfect" look, many of them certainly didn't start off that way. Whether they had extra pounds, bad hair, or frumpy clothes, things were much less glamorous before the makeup artists, personal trainers, designers, and hair stylists got a hold of them. But once fame and fortune set in, so did their new looks. Check out who in Hollywood went from not to hot!

Beautiful Blake Lively had hair in her face and a smile all over the place before getting to know the wonders of orthodontia and the magic of great hair care — as an awkward yearbook picture of her that showed up in Teen Vogue attests.

Zac Efron's gap-toothed grin and goofy hairdo, complete with curls sticking out around the ears, show that the years have been quite kind to him. Maturity is a great thing! So is being groomed by the best stylists in the business.

Kesha looks like someone's tomboy kid sister in her teen pictures — with frizzy long hair and a dumpy sweatshirt hiding the future fabulousness of the singer-songwriter.

Demi Moore, as a little girl with a bowl haircut and pink specs, didn't appear very likely to grow up into a glamorous Hollywood star. Neither did a similarly outfitted young George Clooney (wire-framed glasses rather than pink, natch) in an absolutely awful photo of the debonair star as a boy that's made the internet rounds. So has a photo of a chunky young Ryan Seacrest with a bouffant hairdo. That one is bad enough to be blackmail fodder.

She's one of the most celebrated movie stars in the world but the beautiful Nicole Kidman hasn't always been turning heads. She was teased early on, being referred to as Storky, for towering above most of the other boys and girls. She has said that growing up she used to think of herself as "the ugliest person alive on earth." To make matters worse, the fair-skinned Kidman avoided time in the sun with her friends by retreating into the theatre. When finally she made it to Tinseltown, most remembered her as Tom Cruise's frizzy-haired, tall wife. However, she came into her own with expertly coiffed hair, a slimmer frame and designer duds that fit her body like a glove.

It's hard to imagine our favorite friend, Jennifer Aniston, as anything but gorgeous. After all, she's the one responsible for sending women into a frenzy in hopes of getting the "Rachel" haircut. Though seemingly blessed by genetics, earlier pictures of Aniston show a much less attractive lady with dark hair, chubby cheeks and baggy clothes. But oh, how having money will change a girl!

Ditto goes for another favorite Jennifer — Garner that is — whose high school superlative would have been "The Girl Least Likely to Kick Major Butt on TV." Though the beautiful star has what looks like a dream career — having risen to fame on "Alias" and made a slew of films including "Dallas Buyers Club," the once scrawny Garner spent her earlier days wearing thick glasses and playing saxophone in the school band.

"Growing up, I just never had the right thing to wear," she told Good Housekeeping. "I never had the right shoes, I never had the right bag. I didn't know what I was doing." Now she's one of the world's fashion icons.

Let's not forget the classic nerd transformation in Anthony Michael Hall. The "Foxcatcher," "Warehouse 13" and "The Dead Zone" star made a name for himself as the skinny, geeky guy with braces in "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club."

It's amazing what a gym and a good dentist will do!

Other transformations in Hollywood have come in the form of shedding pounds. Oprah Winfrey has publicly battled with food for years. When first appearing on TV, she was very much a plain Jane with very little makeup, frumpy hair and no style. In 1992, she reached her highest weight, 237 pounds. But life certainly seems to agree with her; reportedly, she lost nearly 60 lbs. to greet her 60th birthday a couple of years ago.

So the next time you look in a magazine and immediately become envious of these rich and famous celebrities, just remember that they too have not always had it all.

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