Ask Stacy for 5/19/18

By Stacy Jenel Smith

May 19, 2018 3 min read

DEAR STACY: Is it true "Shrek 5" is coming out next year? — SW

DEAR SW: Although a 2019-2020 time frame has been specified for "Shrek 5," signs point to later — possibly much later — rather than sooner. And what form the movie might take is certainly up for grabs. Michael McCullers ("Austin Powers," "Boss Baby"), who wrote the story for the new "Shrek" based on his own idea, told The Hollywood Reporter "Shrek 5" would be a reinvention of the series. Meanwhile, such a film doesn't seem to be on the established cast's radar. Mike Myers has recently shown more interest in doing a Dr. Evil film, reviving his "Austin Powers" franchise, than "Shrek." Reports have Eddie Murphy doing a "Coming to America 2," but there's been nothing on resuming his beloved Donkey character. Cameron Diaz in March confirmed that she's retired, saying, "I'm literally doing nothing." And Antonio Banderas, busy with the National Geographic series, "Genius: Picasso," talked recently about mothers approaching him to do his Puss in Boots voice without referencing anything new on that character.

DEAR STACY: What's new with Rob James-Collier, my favorite "Downton Abbey" actor? — DR26

DEAR DR26: The actor best-known for his six-season stint as scheming under-butler Thomas Barrow in the drama, recently played Archie, the adulterous husband of mystery writer Agatha Christie, in a British comedy-drama series called "Urban Myths." The story turned on Christie's still-unresolved 11-day disappearance in 1926. Last year, he starred in the British horror film, "The Ritual." Even though he observed that he might have been typecast as gay in the U.S. because of his run as Barrow (and drew some flak for his comment), James-Collier would like to return to the character in the hoped-for big screen adaptation of "Downton Abbey."

DEAR STACY: I was sad to read of the death of Kristin Harmon. The stories got us wondering what her daughter, Tracy Nelson, has been up to. We enjoyed her in "The Father Dowling Mysteries." — Lenore K., Oceanside, California

DEAR LENORE: The one-time "Square Pegs" star, daughter of the late Kristin Harmon and Ricky Nelson (and niece of Mark Harmon), has a film reportedly slated for October release, "As Long as I'm Famous," by writer-director Bruce Reisman, based on his play, "Drinks Prior." It tells of the friendship and collaboration of director Joshua Logan ("Bus Stop," "Camelot") and novelist Thomas Heggen when they teamed to pen the play "Mister Roberts." Nelson is listed as Theda Bara in the Broadway/Hollywood tale. She continues to appear occasionally on TV as well, including the Hallmark Channel Movie, "A Grandpa for Christmas," and the Lifetime pics "The Wrong Child" and "A Fatal Obsession."

DEAR STACY: When is "This is Us" coming back? — P and J, Reseda, California

DEAR P and J: Expect the third season to debut in September.

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