Nick Jandl, the Actor Behind 'Nashville's' Hunky, Mysterious Doctor

By Stacy Jenel Smith

April 28, 2015 3 min read

"Nashville" wrapped shooting on its third season this month, with "everyone excited for a fourth season and feeling positive about going on." At least, that's according to the series' Nick Jandl, who is known to fans of the show as Dr. Caleb Rand, a.k.a. he who is simultaneously the boyfriend of music starlet Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and the M.D. of ailing guitarist Deacon (Charles Esten).

"I got to wrap at the same moment as Connie Britton, which was really special — huge for the season finale episode," Jandl adds.

For Jandl (pronounced Yondle), joining the show this season "has been an amazing ride — simultaneously intimidating and exhilarating." Like his Dr. Rand character, Jandl found himself the new guy among a group that has already known each other through thick and thin. "I was a little anxious about that, but Clare and everyone else were great to me right off the bat," says Jandl, a Massachusetts native who was actually a pre med student before switching to acting at Tufts University. "They're a good group of people."

Happily for him, what began as a three-episode guest stint grew into 11 episodes and counting.S

It hasn't been as easy for Dr. Rand, who is "trying to break into this deep history of Scarlett" — and her complicated relationship with her musical collaborator Gunnar (Sam Palladio). Look for things to intensify in this triangle next season.

In real life, Jandl's romantic life is doing much better. "I'm getting married in 2016. The wedding has been on hold while I've been doing 'Nashville,'" he says. Asked if his bride-to-be is an actress, he laughs and says, "No, thank God. She's in wardrobe — a stylist. She works incredibly hard."

And she's incredibly handy for a rising young actor to have around the house. "I sit on the edge of the bed in my underwear saying, 'What am I wearing today?'" he cheerfully admits. "She went through my closet and weeded out the clothes." He imitates: "'Ew, let's say goodbye to the '90s!"

"She is wonderful. I feel very lucky," he adds.

With his fiancee in Los Angeles and his work in Nashville, Jandl has spent many hours in flight of late. Now he can stay put for awhile. He will, however, see a bunch of his cast mates May 9th at L.A.'s Nokia Theater. "They're doing a mini musical tour," he notes — and he wouldn't miss it. Besides being an appreciator of music, he personally can play piano, drums and saxophone

To Jandl, the tour underscores the fact, "The show is as strong as it's ever been. Even though there's nothing official yet, it's got great momentum going into season four. The writing is great, and they're breaking out new storylines that are keeping it fresh." And of course, that involves him.

Calling Dr. Rand.

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