'2 Broke Girls' Garrett Morris Shares His Blues Love With 'Black Creole Chronicles'

By Stacy Jenel Smith

April 10, 2014 3 min read

With "2 Broke Girls" having just wrapped production for the season last week, Garrett Morris is now turniSng to the musical arena of his career — specifically, his very cool and way fun new "Black Creole Chronicles" album. W Before he became known as a funny man on "Saturday Night Live," you may recall, New Orleans native Morris was a trained classical vocalist, and then spent more than 10 years as a soloist and arranger with the Harry Belafonte singers while racking up numerous Broadway credits.

"And before that, I was a five-year-old gospel singer with my grandfather's gospel quartet," reminds the multi-talented grandson of a Baptist preacher.

"Black Creole Chronicles" contains such gems as "If Blues Was Money I'd be a Millionaire," "Walking Down Bourbon Street," "Living On Top of the World," "Hooche Cooche Man" and "Storyville."

Morris' enthusiasm for, and knowledge of the history of the music is infectious. For instance, he notes, "Storyville was a red light district. Before the Mustang Ranch, there was Storyville, named after an alderman in the French Quarter. You know, originally, jazz was only played in the whorehouses and riverboats."

And, "Blues songs are over the top, making fun of feeling sorry for yourself — like, 'I'll lay my head on the railroad track, and wait for the 3:15.'"

The album also contains his original, "Come Back Valentine."

Expect to see 77-year-old Morris combining some comedy and "Black Creole Chronicles" songs and performing at his L.A. Blues & Comedy Club and elsewhere soon. He may also take to the road over hiatus — which stretches until August — and possibly play at the upcoming New Orleans Jazz Festival. He will no doubt spend some time in the Big Easy in any case. "I have a habit of going back there once or twice a year," he tells us.

Morris is, of course, delighted to know he'll be going back to work as cashier and ladies' man Earl on the CBS hit sitcom for season four. He confesses that when the news came down that "2 Broke Girls" had been given an early renewal, he didn't immediately catch on.

"People were patting me on the back and congratulating me and I said, 'What's that for?' And they said, 'We got picked up, you idiot!'" He laughs.

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