Misery Is a Self-Motivator

By Zig Ziglar

July 1, 2020 3 min read

Richard Oates had really not done much with his life. He tried hard to make it as a rock singer and, despite having genuine talent and a commitment, he was struggling for survival.

One evening in Sacramento, California, Richard was scrounging around for quarters to feed the washing machine and clothes dryer when a thought suddenly hit him: "I've got too much ability to be in this situation." Though he might not have acknowledged it at the moment, he was miserable because he knew he was capable of doing more.

The next day, he went to a small homebuilder and applied for a job. He was hired to clean out just-completed houses. That first day, he did more than two men normally did, and his employer asked if he knew anything about finishing (meaning the doors, windows, crevices, and so on). He replied that he did, since he had worked with his stepfather as a carpenter.

The next day, he did more finishing in one day than two men generally do and was offered a full-time job. After a year, he got a job with Ryland Homes, one of the nation's biggest homebuilders. In a matter of about only three years, he was a superintendent, doing an excellent job. His desire, along with that of his wife, my daughter Cindy, to live in Dallas moved them back here, and today he's doing a marvelous job as our chief operating officer.

I doubt seriously Richard had that as his objective when he was scrounging for those quarters, but the important thing about the success journey is that it starts with a thought that leads to action.

When you do each thing full-speed ahead with the best of your ability, doors open. His motivation was provided by his circumstances. His motivation today is an intense desire to help as many people in life as possible use their abilities to reach their objectives. See you at the top!

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