This Week the Answer Man Looks at Toys

By Andy Seamans

By Dawn Seamans-Shook

December 28, 2013 2 min read

1. This was the first toy to be advertised on TV. Name the toy and the year the ad was televised.

2. This toy was created by Jack Odell for his daughter to take to school. A rule at his daughter's school stated that pupils were only allowed to bring in toys that would fit inside a small box. Name the toy.

3. This was the first video arcade game and was introduced by Atari in 1972. Name it.

4. This toy came to life on a battleship during World War II in Philadelphia's Cramp Shipyard. A torsion spring used in a testing meter fell off a marine engineer's desk and tumbled end over end across the floor. Name the toy.

5. In 1993, the Barbie Liberation Organization gained notoriety by manipulating Barbie dolls in an effort to change gender stereotypes. What did it do?


1. Mr. Potato Head. 1951.

2. Matchbox Cars.

3. Pong.

4. The Slinky.

5. It switched the voice boxes on talking G.I. Joes and Barbie dolls. This action resulted in girls opening their new talking Barbies to hear it say phrases like "Vengeance is mine!" and "Lets get Cobra!" and boys hearing their G.I. Joe say, "The beach is the place for summer" and "Lets go shopping."

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