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'Ask' Force Gets Larger August 19, 2002

"B.C."/"Wizard of Id" creator Johnny Hart of Creators Syndicate won a Jefferson Award for his work with organizations such as the Syracuse (N.Y.) Cancer Research Institute.

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'T-P' Hires Editorial Cartoonist June 24, 2002

Steve Kelley has been named editorial cartoonist of The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.

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Comic Strip To Comic Books December 03, 2001

"Give me "Liberty" after its newspaper death." 

Frank Cho chooses less "watered-down" territory by taking Liberty Meadows out of newspapers and continuing the comic strip as a series of books instead.

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Reuben, Roast, and Remarks June 04, 2001

The National Cartoonists Society (NCS) put the spotlight on mainstream mavens, alternative artists, and creators with a foot in both worlds.

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Which strip is replacing 'Peanuts' in comic sections? The answer is ... 'Peanuts.' 

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A Superhero for Cartoonists June 14, 1987

"'Six months ago, Mr. Newcombe founded Creators Syndicate, which claims to offer its cartoonists and artists emancipation from what he calls ''indentured servitude'' - the 10- to 20-year contracts and the signing over of ownership rights that have characterized the syndication business for years."

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