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Annie Lane

Annie Lane

Annie Lane is a mother, daughter, sister and wife.

She grew up in California before heading east at the age of 18. She graduated with honors from New York University, where she majored in English literature and also specialized in psychology. After NYU, she earned her Juris Doctor from New York Law School.

Over the course of her education, Annie held a variety of jobs, including at Barnes & Noble because she loves books. She is a certified yoga instructor who also worked in sales at an internet advertising startup company. In addition, she worked at a law firm for two years and, before that, for a federal magistrate for one year. She has written extensively for Creators Syndicate's special sections.

Yet no job came more naturally to her than offering common-sense solutions to everyday problems. Her advice is unusually perceptive. She is sympathetic, funny and firm -- and her column is very much like Ann Landers' column in style and substance.

Rick Newcombe, CEO of Creators Syndicate, said that he founded the company in 1987 with only one columnist -- Ann Landers.

"What made the Ann Landers column unique was the quality of letters and the lively, no-nonsense answers that included seeking out experts," Newcombe said. "We have received hundreds of submissions of advice columns over the years, and Dear Annie is the best by a country mile."

Annie lives outside Manhattan with her husband, two kids and two dogs. After a decade of city life, she is focused on her family and the Dear Annie column. When she is not writing, she devotes her time to play dates and Play-Doh.

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