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Meals on Wheels May Be Available! Q. Last week one of my neighbors, who is disabled, told me how pleased she was that she had applied and was now receiving food from Meals on Wheels. She said that she had not previously applied because she receives Social Security and thought that …Read more. Why Procrastinate? Q. I have friends who are well-organized, set deadlines and accomplish what they want to do without experiencing hassles at the last minute. Why do we, as individuals, differ in scheduling our must-do deadlines? Why do we, when we know we face a …Read more. Choosing a Place For Mom! Q. I am a full-time working widow. My mother is not well and now needs to live in a place that offers full-time care, safety, some social interaction and peace. She is on a limited budget, and I help out financially as much as possible. Because of …Read more. Every Day Is Your Best Day! Q. My husband will be eligible for retirement next year when he becomes 62. However, he has a serious inoperable heart condition over which he has no control. We want to share as much time together to love and care for each other as long as possible.…Read more.
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Rate Your Driving!


Q. I am 82 and continue to drive. My son is trying to convince me to give up my car keys. I am not willing to do so. I only drive in good weather, short distances and use surface streets. In the last five years I have not had an accident, although my car was dented in a parking lot. I think I am able to do so safely. Am I making the right decision?

A. You and I, like most other senior drivers, do not want our give up our independence and ability to go when and where we want to go. We sometimes believe we are safe drivers, but when professionally evaluated, prove not to be so. Many factors are under consideration, including our medications, judgment ability, confusion and inability to see and hear well. We are also at the mercy of other drivers. None of us wants to damage the health of because of our inability to drive safely. I recommend that you pay a driving coach, police friend or other knowledgeable individual to rate your driving ability. Accept their judgment!


Q. I lost my husband after 45 years of a wonderful marriage. I consider myself fortunate be enjoying good health. Seven months ago, I sold my home and moved to an active retirement community. I am finding it difficult to make new friends and am somewhat depressed. What are my options?

A. Switch your attitude. Make yourself become involved, as the opportunity exists where you now are.

Join a walking club or discipline yourself to take a walk at least three times a week. You will be surprised as to how much more positive you will be after doing so. Nature is a great friend. While walking, often you pass dog walkers. Strike up a conversation with their owners. Most dogs are also eager to make new friends, too. Recently I was talking with a neighbor who said she was tired of daily dog walking. The other lady volunteered to walk her dog twice a week. They call their relationship a "rent-a-dog" friendship!

Check out the movie schedule on the Turner Movie Classic TV channel. Share the fun by inviting a neighbor to re-watch it and heat up a pizza for your company.

Plan some regular traveling. There is nothing more invigorating.

Half the fun is just planning to go. Your trip can be local, overnight, to visit your family or maybe even a cruise or community bus trip. Your local senior center offers inexpensive day trips. Your center is also a good place for craft activities or board games. Walking clubs are a great place to meet new friends. Volunteering is a winning distraction from your regular routine. Learning to be grateful and more fortunate than others can become a source of happiness! Emerging yourself into your new community is easily doable. Others are looking to join in!

Doug Mayberry makes the most of life in a Southern California Retirement community. Contact him at Betty is a friend of Doug Mayberry, whom she helps write this column. To find out more about Doug Mayberry and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists visit the Creators Syndicate website at



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