Trivia Bits for Dec 15, 2017

By Leslie Elman

December 15, 2017 2 min read

John Tyler, 10th president of the United States, was the first vice president to succeed to the presidency upon the death of the sitting president. It happened suddenly, after ninth president William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia on Apr. 4, 1841, just one month into his term. No one expected Tyler to become the president of the United States. (People nicknamed him "His Accidency.") He served one term, then retired to Virginia and ended his career as a member of the Confederate House of Representatives.

The Aroostook War and the Webster-Ashburton Treaty involved a disputed boundary between what places?

A) Kansas and Missouri

B) Maine and New Brunswick, Canada

C) Montana and Saskatchewan

D) Texas and Mexico

Previous answer: Doctor Who comes from Gallifrey.

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Trivia Bits for Dec 14, 2017

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