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Marc Dion
Marc Dion
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Sharia Law At Work


Ten years ago, I was sitting at the bar of a VFW Post with a guy named Manny. Manny, who was 68, went out one night a week, with his son, and consumed three beers. He couldn't afford more, and his son couldn't afford to buy either of them a fourth beer. Manny spent his life working on the loading dock of a chemical company.

He reached back and rubbed a spot on his back, pressing the knuckles of his right hand hard against a spot just to the right of his spine, a couple inches above the brown leather belt with "Manny" tooled into the leather.

"They don't let you retire until you ain't no good for nothin'," he said.

I bought him his second beer. I was stopping at three beers myself because work had given me a very bad headache.

And today, maybe three or four years after Manny was finally used up enough to die, I read about bus drivers in Seattle who do not have regular access to bathrooms. Some of them wear diapers.

And if that doesn't knock you back an inch or two, you may need to get a humanity transplant.

Or maybe you're one of those "they're lucky to have a job," punks currently helping to deliver America up to the rich guys. If you can say that, I'd as soon live under Sharia law than in the America you want to kick down my throat.

And what's the difference, really? Sharia law says you have to do everything according to the Quran.

The "lucky to have a job" crowd says you have to live according to the employee handbook and the minimum wage. Sharia law says women have fewer rights than men. The "lucky to have a job crowd" says women should make less money than men.

Sharia law says Christians are worms. The "lucky to have a job crowd" thinks working people are worms. Sharia law says nothing matters but the Quran. The "lucky to have a job" crowd says nothing matters but the Bible.

In recent years, eight America states have passed anti-Sharia laws. Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee have all said "No!" to Sharia. Three of those states don't have a minimum wage. All of them are Right to Work States. In words that can be understood at a tea party convention, "Sharia bad; starving for Jesus OK."

We will not, by all that is holy, see American women forced to wear the burqa. We will, by all that is holy, use you up, wear you out, underpay you, crush your union and make you wear diapers on the job.

What could be a better symbol of the working life in America than the image of a bus driver, sitting in his own shit, but still lucky to have a job?

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