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Froma Harrop
Froma Harrop
Froma HarropUpdated
17 Apr 2014
Jim Hightower
Jim Hightower
Jim HightowerUpdated
16 Apr 2014
Roger Simon
Roger Simon
Roger SimonUpdated
16 Apr 2014
Susan EstrichUpdated
16 Apr 2014
Marc Dion
Marc Dion
Marc DionUpdated
14 Apr 2014
Mark Shields
Mark Shields
Mark ShieldsUpdated
12 Apr 2014
Connie Schultz
Finally: PunditFact

The land of punditry, of which I am a resident, has grown from a relatively small group of people expected to research their opinions to a vast number of humans willing to share whatever's on their minds. To a large extent, this is a good thing. More voices, more ways to look at the world. However, as the definition of punditry has expanded, so has its apparent tolerance for misinformation. Most of... Read more.

Froma Harrop
Eyes Will Dry Over Obamacare

About the Obamacare website rollout: So-rry. Yes, it's a mess. Tears of apology have flooded the streets of Washington, raising the Potomac to dangerous levels. But the federal health plan's website will be fixed. (The state exchanges seem to have it right.) Once Americans can get inside the doors, most should appreciate their options. To use real estate parlance, Obamacare is not currently a "drive-by." Between... Read more.

Jim Hightower
Can Wall Street Buy Redemption?

Goldman Sachs churns out enormous profits from its high-rolling, casino investment schemes, while also churning out fat paychecks for its top executives. They literally sack up the gold, even as their speculative gambles have wreaked havoc on our real economy. But, finally recognizing that their public approval rating has sunk lower than mad-cow disease, Goldman's banking barons now want you to know... Read more.

Lenore Skenazy
Fate and a Flight

As I was flying to New York from Los Angeles about a month ago, the flight attendant announced that because of "heightened security," passengers in coach — yours truly — were expressly forbidden from using the bathroom that might be closest to us and required to march to the back instead. Apparently, if we took a few steps forward, bladders full, this could all too easily be construed... Read more.

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