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DEAR READERS: I dare you to tackle these open-ended thoughts about being single. They come from the opening pages of my book "Single File," but even if you've already answered them there, it might be worth your time to see the changes in your outlook since then. In fact, you might consider your responses to these same ticklers a measure of your development since then, an informal growth chart.

—When I tell people I'm single, I feel:

—When I say I'm not married, they must think:

—I like being single less/more than I did a year ago because:

—If I knew for sure I'd live the rest of my life single:

—Single people have more fun because:

—If I could change one thing about my life, it would be:

—The one thing singleness keeps me from doing is:

—When my single friends get together, we talk about:

—If I could describe single life in one word, it would be:

—The most important reason to get married is:

—I would/would not consider becoming an unmarried father/mother because:

The following require a flat "yes" or "no," challenging you to squeeze your response into a single word.

Every pun intended.

—People are born independent or not; nothing can be done to change it.

—An interesting, full life leads to lifelong singleness.

—Men don't like independent women.

—A woman is incomplete without a man.

—Being single means being second-class in society.

—My family is embarrassed because I'm not married.

—Independence leads to loneliness.

—Everyone desirable is already married. The good ones are already taken.

—Being married is better than being single.

—True happiness is found only in marriage.

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