He Is Not a Friend You Need to Keep

By Dr. Robert Wallace

August 22, 2019 3 min read

DR. WALLACE: This summer, I met a boy when I was on vacation. We are both 15. When we were together, I thought I was in love, but when I got home and returned to reality, I realized I wasn't in love at all.

Since we were recently corresponding via email and text messages, I hinted that I didn't love him but wanted to remain friends, as I liked his personality. I came to realize that I just don't like him romantically. This must have made him mad because he has written me two very nasty emails containing some rather strong four-letter words. I was shocked!

I'm sorry he feels this way, but I'm upset about his last two emails. Should I overlook them, or should I email him never to use those words toward me again? — Surprised at His Language, Madison, Wisconsin

SURPRISED: This boy just gave up his right to be your friend. Email him one final time to inform him that you will no longer correspond with him and request he stop corresponding with you. Do him the courtesy of letting him know that his use of that language was the reason you're bailing on him entirely now.


DR. WALLACE: I'm a football player and have one more year of eligibility left in high school. I play defensive tackle, and this year, I weighed 278 pounds. I am 6 feet, 3 inches tall. Coach has told me he wants me to lose 18 pounds. He said that at 260 pounds, I'd be quicker, which would make me a better player and also give me a good chance to play in a major college football program. He also said he heard I drink half a gallon of milk a day and that if I would stop drinking milk and substitute it with water, I would lose these 18 pounds by next September. I do drink a lot of milk, but I thought milk was the perfect food. I like milk, but now I'm wondering if my coach is right. What's your opinion? — Big Boy on Defense, via email

BIG BOY: Milk is indeed the perfect food. It's chock-full of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, and it's high in calcium. But if you are drinking a half-gallon of whole milk, watch out: It has a very high fat content. Switch to skim milk. It contains all the good stuff without the fat. If you are drinking skim milk now, lay off food with high fat contents. As a former athletic coach, I will concur with your coach that at 260 pounds, you will indeed move quicker on the football field. Good luck during your varsity year!

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Photo credit: phoenixsierra0 at Pixabay

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