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Limbaugh's Success Came in Spite of Big Media Feb. 21, 2021

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — I met Rush Limbaugh before he became a god. It was the mid-1980s. Our careers ha... Read More

Talent on Loan From God... Feb. 17, 2021

Oliver North

We heard him say it hundreds of times, as did many of you: "Talent on loan from God." Some of Rush's... Read More

Eulogy for Dad Dec. 16, 2020

Walter E. Williams

The following column is by Devon Williams, daughter of Walter E. Williams. In the late 1980s, when... Read More

Walter E. Williams 1936-2020 Dec. 02, 2020

Thomas Sowell

Walter Williams loved teaching. Unlike too many other teachers today, he made it a point never to im... Read More

Congratulations to Rush for 30 Remarkable Years Aug. 03, 2018

David Limbaugh

This week marks the 30th anniversary of my brother's national syndication in radio, and it has been ... Read More

Touching the Nation Apr. 21, 2018

Mark Shields

She was born into comfort in Manhattan and raised in Rye, a leafy, exclusive suburb in New York's We... Read More