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Trying Therapy and Feeling Blocked Mar. 05, 2020

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: I've been seeing a therapist for around five years, and I find myself unsure what to say... Read More

The Whole Moon and Nothing but the Moon Oct. 13, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

The spiritually naive will encourage positive thinking and suggest the way to deal with negativity i... Read More

Mercury Warns Against Over-Identification Jul. 30, 2019

Horoscopes by Holiday

Some thoughts and emotions are more persistent than others. Even so, this last day of the Mercury re... Read More

Taming Fearful Thoughts Jun. 11, 2019

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: My wife and I have three perfect grandchildren, ages 1, 5 and 7. We love watching them a... Read More

Such Empty Thoughts and Prayers Oct. 04, 2017

Connie Schultz

No matter how great one's faith in God, after yet another massacre of innocent people, it's impossib... Read More

We Need More Than 'Thoughts and Prayers' Oct. 02, 2017

Joe Conason

Whenever someone commits a heinous gun crime like the massacre in Las Vegas, politicians swiftly ass... Read More

The Barn

Mar. 17, 2014