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St. Moritz: Birthplace of Winter Tourism Jan. 19, 2020

Travel and Adventure

By Athena Lucero On the summit of Corviglia Mountain and overlooking the Swiss village of St. Morit... Read More

An Irresistible Stopover in Zurich Sep. 29, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Athena Lucero Zurich, Switzerland, is the "Gateway to Europe," pulsating with one of the world's ... Read More

Freedom Ranking Jan. 31, 2018

John Stossel

Is America the world's freest country? Sadly, no. When researchers first started doing detailed int... Read More

Can the Feds Prosecute Foreigners if Their Actions Are Legal Where They Are? Oct. 26, 2017

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

I am in Switzerland this week interacting with and lecturing to students and faculty at the Universi... Read More

Why Must Americans Clean Up a Foreign Sport? Jun. 02, 2015

Froma Harrop

The competent Loretta Lynch can no doubt handle the job of cleansing professional soccer of widespre... Read More

Ancient Rome's Legacy Lives on in Germany, Switzerland Dec. 07, 2014

Travel and Adventure

By Carl H. Larsen "Bloody gladiator fights took place here," reads the brochure greeting visitors to... Read More

Touring Basel's Toy Worlds Museum Aug. 10, 2014

Travel and Adventure

By Sharon Whitley Larsen As I stood looking at a life-size replica of Margarete Steiff — creat... Read More

A Fire Bell in the Night for the EU Feb. 18, 2014

Patrick Buchanan

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has apologized for her undiplomatic "(bleep) the EU!" r... Read More

Swiss Vote to Close Borders Feb. 13, 2014

Timothy Spangler

Swiss neutrality has its limits, apparently. To the shock of many observers, the Swiss voted this we... Read More