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Doing It Unto the Least of These, Part 2 Apr. 30, 2020

From the Desk of Dr. J

On April 3, I received an email from a reader who asked me to write a part two of my column "Doing I... Read More

The Deadly Economic Disease Behind COVID-19 Apr. 22, 2020

Jim Hightower

In this horrible time of economic collapse, it is truly touching to see so many corporate chieftains... Read More

Mr. President, Stop Listening to the D.C. Swamp Politicians, Deep-State Bureaucrats and Ivy League Eggheads Apr. 12, 2020

Wayne Allyn Root

Mr. President, I'm one of your biggest supporters. Few have worked harder or longer to elect, suppor... Read More

Local News Could Be Coronavirus Casualty Apr. 11, 2020

Corey Friedman

People are flocking to local newspapers to learn about the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on t... Read More

The Speech Trump Must but Cannot Give Apr. 04, 2020

Ted Rall

Some of my commentary about politics is presented in the form of "advice" to the ruling classes. Ple... Read More

Congress Must Not Allow Trump to Escape Stimulus Package Oversight Apr. 03, 2020

Daily Editorials

Congressional Democrats caught heat for delaying approval of the coronavirus stimulus package over c... Read More

Relief Welcome, But Cut Other Spending Mar. 27, 2020

Daily Editorials

Congress and the Trump administration must act swiftly to send a lifeline to citizens and an economy... Read More

The Worst Time for Congressional Partisanship Mar. 27, 2020

David Limbaugh

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's attempted partisan sabotage of the coronavirus relief bill might mark a... Read More

A Much-Needed Rescue Package to Halt America's Economic Slide Mar. 26, 2020

Daily Editorials

The $2 trillion bipartisan rescue deal worked out by Senate leaders and the Trump administration ear... Read More

America Needs a Formula for Reopening Mar. 25, 2020

Ben Shapiro

This week, President Donald Trump began openly considering at what point the American government oug... Read More

Instead of 'Infrastructure Investment,' How About Killing Davis-Bacon? Jan. 04, 2018

Larry Elder

Is there a difference between President Barack Obama's "stimulus" and President Donald Trump's "infr... Read More

America's $12 Trillion House of Cards Oct. 13, 2015

Stephen Moore

What is the price tag for the audacious Obamanomics experiment? How much has it all cost — the... Read More