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The Aftermath Sep. 03, 2020

Armstrong Williams

With the conclusion of both the Democratic and Republican conventions, there was one aspect of the R... Read More

Trump's Great Opportunity Sep. 03, 2020

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

While Democratic operatives and pundits are calling for Georgia to go for the Democratic nominee, Pr... Read More

Convention Highlights Trump's Compassion For Ordinary People Aug. 31, 2020

Daily Editorials

If presidential conventions determine outcomes, this election is over. Fortunately for Democrats, an... Read More

Nancy Reagan Red Aug. 29, 2020

Susan Estrich

Nancy Reagan was one of the most elegant women I have ever met: gracious, with impeccable taste. It ... Read More

The Bounce and the Aftermath Aug. 28, 2020

Erick Erickson

If the election were held today, Joe Biden would most likely win. Democrats could probably capture t... Read More

Jake Tapper's Revolting Post-Game Analysis Aug. 28, 2020

Tim Graham

There may be no more blatant violation of the concept of truth in advertising than CNN's boastful cl... Read More

Trump's Republicans Scoring on Issues Democrats Wouldn't Mention Aug. 28, 2020

Michael Barone

You know the first two nights of the Republicans' virtual national convention have gone well when yo... Read More

What Trump & His Convention Must Accomplish Aug. 27, 2020

Armstrong Williams

This week is the launch of the Republican National Convention, and it's a pivotal moment for Preside... Read More

Two Visions of America Aug. 27, 2020

Laura Hollis

Both during their conventions and outside of them, the Democratic and Republican Parties have shown ... Read More

Trump's Contempt For a Key Ethics Law Takes Center Stage at GOP Convention Aug. 27, 2020

Daily Editorials

Night Two of the Republican National Convention Tuesday was nothing less than the televised flouting... Read More

How Polite of Melania Trump Aug. 27, 2020

Connie Schultz

I don't care about Melania Trump's past life as a model. She has a right to do as she wants with her... Read More

The Convention Tone Police Aug. 26, 2020

Tim Graham

The political party conventions keep slowly receding from their place in the national spotlight, esp... Read More

Democrats Cannot Maintain Silence On Left-Wing Violence Aug. 25, 2020

Daily Editorials

Democratic politicians — including senatorial candidate John Hickenlooper — should unequ... Read More

National Political Conventions Are Worth Keeping Aug. 09, 2020

Steve Chapman

Joe Biden won't be showing up in Milwaukee for the Democratic Convention. Donald Trump may give his ... Read More

Putting Safety Above Party Jul. 29, 2020

Daily Editorials

It was the right call, and not really a tough one. President Donald Trump's decision to shut down fo... Read More

Goodbye, After Nearly Two Centuries, to the National Conventions Jul. 24, 2020

Michael Barone

If things had proceeded according to schedule, we'd be checking the polls this week to see if Joe Bi... Read More

Donald Trump and Steve Wynn Evolved From Rivals to Friends Feb. 01, 2018

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump and casino mogul Steve Wynn have been bitter competitors w... Read More

Thiel's Republicans Depart from Reagan Jul. 27, 2016

Star Parker

The primetime airing of remarks of billionaire technology entrepreneur Peter Thiel at the Republican... Read More

Is Donald Trump for Real? Jul. 24, 2016

Debra J. Saunders

I keep waiting for the Donald Trump who shows me that he is more than a highly successful reality TV... Read More

Pence Saves Republican Party After Cruz Disaster Jul. 22, 2016

Lawrence Kudlow

Ted Cruz essentially gave a career-ending speech at the GOP convention on Wednesday night. Cruz's sp... Read More