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I'm Betting on America. Are You? Mar. 16, 2020

Daily Editorials

I'm the ultimate positive thinker. I'm also very cynical. You can be both. My favorite saying is "Ex... Read More

Mixed-Moon Monday Jan. 06, 2020

Horoscopes by Holiday

On a Monday rich in lunar aspects and changes, whatever you put in the top priority of your life wil... Read More

7 Things You Need to Do Now to Plan Ahead for Disaster Dec. 10, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

The idea of emergency preparedness is good. But just having an idea is not good enough. Every person... Read More

November 18, 2019 Nov. 18, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My son is 25 years old with a college degree and an excellent job. The sad thing is, he ... Read More

Twister Coming Aug. 04, 2018

Katiedid Langrock

"Twister" came out when I was in junior high. I loved that movie. It had action, suspense and heart,... Read More

Meeting Attire Dec. 16, 2017

Katiedid Langrock

An inordinate amount of time was spent deciding on my shoes. It was cold outside, so boots were a mu... Read More

Trump, Who Needed to Be an 11, Was Barely a 4 Sep. 28, 2016

Roger Simon

Donald Trump knows how to work a Republican room. Give him that. Give him a gym packed full of yahoo... Read More

Red Carpet-Ready Apr. 30, 2016

Katiedid Langrock

As I write this, I'm preparing to attend the Daytime Emmy Awards. A show I worked on, "Project Mc2,"... Read More

High School Should Fit With Child's Ability Oct. 26, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: What is your feeling about children going into competitive high schools versus average high schoo... Read More