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Lower-Cost Plastic Plumbing Is Easy To Use Oct. 15, 2020

Here's How

Dear James: I have never had much luck with solder copper plumbing, so I would prefer to use plastic... Read More

Protect Yourself By Making Disclosures Feb. 04, 2020

The Real Estate Expert

When it comes to disclosures, it's hard to know how far to go. I recommend you disclose when in doub... Read More

Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling in the Proper Sequence Nov. 07, 2019

Here's How

Dear James: We are planning a do-it-yourself project to add another bathroom for the children. What ... Read More

Replace Your Old Garbage Disposer Oct. 17, 2019

Here's How

Dear James: My daughter dropped a spoon in our old garbage disposer, so we have to replace it. Is in... Read More

Stop Water Bang Noise in Your Plumbing Nov. 03, 2016

Here's How

Dear James: Whenever I shut the water off quickly, there is a banging sound. I am building a new hou... Read More