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Classic Ann Landers Oct. 18, 2020

Classic Ann Landers

Editor's Note: Hundreds of Ann Landers' loyal readers have requested that newspapers continue to pub... Read More

Completely Platonic? I Think Not! Feb. 25, 2018

Tales From the Front

We recently heard from Like Seeking Like, who wondered if there was anything wrong with having a pla... Read More

Pay Pal Oct. 17, 2017

The Science Advice Goddess

An older male friend keeps paying for me — buying me meals and clothes. Am I making a mistake... Read More

Whorange Jun. 04, 2016

Katiedid Langrock

I like orange; therefore, I'm a harlot. Apparently. I grew up with boys. My childhood best friend wa... Read More

The Platonic Plague Jan. 05, 2016

The Science Advice Goddess

My girlfriend's "best friend" is a straight guy. I trust that she THINKS he's just her friend. Howe... Read More

Wife Wears Lingerie Lightly Jan. 02, 2014

Mars and Venus

Dear John: I am a 36-year-old male who is happily married to a wonderful and beautiful 35-year-old w... Read More