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The Way to Prosperity Has Many Paths Jul. 21, 2020

Salena Zito

PROSPERITY, Pennsylvania — How this little village earned its name is rooted in an old tale fe... Read More

'Joe Has Absolutely No Idea What's Happening' May. 19, 2020

Salena Zito

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania — President Donald Trump, speaking to the Washington Examiner ahead of... Read More

Small-Town America: 'One Bad Season Away From Bankrupt' Apr. 28, 2020

Salena Zito

OHIOPYLE, Pennsylvania — Like most places in the United States, this tiny patch of a town is s... Read More

Veterans Running for Office Put Pandemic Plight Before Politics Mar. 24, 2020

Salena Zito

ALIQUIPPA, Pennsylvania — Retired Army Capt. Sean Parnell, a decorated war veteran who served ... Read More

PA House Races Serve as 2020 Harbinger Jan. 21, 2020

Salena Zito

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania — Eugene DePasquale and Sean Parnell couldn't be more different polit... Read More

The Town That Wouldn't Be Passed by Dec. 24, 2019

Salena Zito

EVERETT, Pennsylvania — For the past two years, items on layaway for over 200 families at the ... Read More

Pennsylvania 2020: It's Complicated Nov. 12, 2019

Salena Zito

Pennsylvania is not a slam-dunk for Donald Trump's reelection campaign. That's one takeaway from Tue... Read More

The Bellwether House Race for 2020 Is in Western Pennsylvania Nov. 05, 2019

Salena Zito

MT. LEBANON, Pennsylvania — Army combat veteran Sean Parnell kicked off his race as a Republic... Read More

How Small Cities and Towns Can Right Their Ship Oct. 15, 2019

Salena Zito

ERIE, Pennsylvania — Several large pieces of cobalt-blue glass panels bearing "Don't Give Up t... Read More

Old-School House Democrats Face Primary Challenges From Progressives Across the Country Oct. 01, 2019

Salena Zito

PITTSBURGH — Jerry Dickinson is the Democrats' perfect House candidate — and not just on... Read More

Repurposing 'America's Hometown' Sep. 24, 2019

Salena Zito

OAKDALE, Pennsylvania — Some towns die hard. This one nearly did. The Aetna Chemical Corp. pla... Read More

The Crackers and Frackers Could Hold the Keys to 2020 Sep. 17, 2019

Salena Zito

MONACA, Pennsylvania — All Darrin Kelly wanted for the energy workers in Western Pennsylvania ... Read More

Lara Trump Tries to Fix Her Party's Woman Problem Jul. 23, 2019

Salena Zito

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — Last week, one month before she was set to give birth to her second chi... Read More

The Story Behind the Liberty Bell Jul. 04, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Readers: Happy July 4th! Here's a little history of the Liberty Bell: The Pennsylvania Assembly... Read More

Ohio the Comeback State May. 14, 2019

Stephen Moore

I recently took some flak from Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown for saying in a speech at the Heartland Insti... Read More

Should the Liberty Bell Leave Philadelphia? May. 14, 2019

Dennis Prager

When most Americans think of Philadelphia — although probably fewer today than ever before, gi... Read More

From Accident to Embarrass, No Name and Hell -- Unusual Town Names May. 11, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Victor Block Vacationers seeking a double thrill enjoy an exciting whitewater rafting trip on the... Read More

The Deep Meaning of Groundhog Day Jan. 31, 2019

Froma Harrop

Saturday is Groundhog Day. It is the day when many eyes will turn to Gobbler's Knob, a wooded hill a... Read More

America's Love Affair With Small Business Rekindled Dec. 25, 2018

Salena Zito

WEST NEWTON, Pa. — Bloom Brewery is the kind of Main Street business that shut its doors a gen... Read More

Armed Guards Among the Jews Dec. 03, 2018

Marc Dion

Tonight, a month or so after the shootings at a synagogue in Pennsylvania (remember those? I didn't ... Read More