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Don't Go Back to Work! May. 21, 2021

Marc Dion

When I was 14, my father, who'd pretty clearly had a few drinks, came home and told me he had great ... Read More

Bad Choices Mar. 19, 2021

Marc Dion

No one hates the idea of a $15 an hour minimum wage more than the person making $15 an hour now. You... Read More

Plan to Undermine New Minimum Wage Is Latest Display of Contempt for Voters Feb. 19, 2019

Daily Editorials

Missouri legislators are at it again, plotting to overturn a statewide vote, this time by chipping a... Read More

Who Should Pay for Dates? Jan. 31, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: Have things changed since I was dating, which was a long time ago? Does the male still p... Read More

Give Federal Workers Some Shutdown Relief Jan. 25, 2019

Daily Editorials

The federal shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, has lasted for more than 30 days, with no end in ... Read More

Trump Slams Brakes on Federal Gravy Train Jan. 02, 2019

Betsy McCaughey

President Donald Trump is freezing pay for civilian federal workers, cancelling their automatic 2.1 ... Read More

Pricing Mom Out Nov. 29, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My daughter and son-in-law live in another state. He is a doctor, and she is a nurse. Th... Read More

US Lags Behind Developed Nations in Paying Teachers Nov. 01, 2018

Daily Editorials

Americans are justly proud of our country. Sometimes that pride gets in the way of progress. For ins... Read More

Care About Teachers, for Our Future's Sake Aug. 30, 2018

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Labor Day is approaching, and school is back in session, or soon will be. Our eldest is a freshman i... Read More

Dems' Make-Work Plans Will Cost You Big Aug. 01, 2018

Betsy McCaughey

Friday morning, 26-year-old software developer David Casarez put on a shirt and tie, grabbed his hom... Read More

A New Lesson Plan in West Virginia Mar. 07, 2018

Connie Schultz

What a glorious thing, watching West Virginia teachers, most of them women, shut down the state's pu... Read More

Trump, Nielsen and the Border Wall Fraud Jan. 18, 2018

Steve Chapman

In Tuesday's testimony by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, all the attention was on whe... Read More

Taking the Wheels Dec. 11, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am at a loss as to how to get my car back from my mom's house. A little history first:... Read More

James And The Giant Leech Oct. 03, 2017

The Science Advice Goddess

I've been dating this girl for just over a month, and she never offers to pay for anything. I was o... Read More

The Sleeping Tyrant Sep. 10, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: When he is awake, my husband is a mild-mannered person who rarely raises his voice. He i... Read More

On the Hook for Someone Else's Wedding Jul. 28, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: We belong to a private club. The club policy allows a member to sponsor a nonmember so t... Read More

Job Protection for Families: An Interview With Phoebe Taubman Jul. 04, 2017

This Woman's Work

Parents and others caring for family members deserve fair treatment on the job. Unfortunately, pregn... Read More

Family Member Won't Pay for Damage Jan. 31, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am finding myself in a predicament. Currently, my sister-in-law baby-sits my 3- and 5-... Read More

Overtime Rule Faces Messy Derailment Nov. 30, 2016

Daily Editorials

The Obama administration's rule expanding overtime pay eligibility for an estimated 4.2 million Amer... Read More

Cold Shoulder After Divorce Oct. 03, 2016

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I recently went on vacation with my mom, stepdad and siblings. We went to the river wher... Read More