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Profiting Off the Pain of Addicts and Their Families Feb. 23, 2021

Daily Editorials

A growing body of evidence suggests that America's opioid addicts are being victimized twice —... Read More

Data Exposes Opioid Makers' Irresponsibility in National Addiction Epidemic Jul. 23, 2019

Daily Editorials

As America's opioid crisis burned out of control in the last decade, the nation's largest drug compa... Read More

The Thorny Problem of Finding Who's to Blame for Drug Overdoses Feb. 08, 2019

C Force

As prescription and illicit opioid overdose deaths continue to rise in the United States, lawsuits a... Read More

Punishing Patients Won't Reduce Opioid Deaths: A New Medicare Prescription Rule Will Aggravate Undertreatment of Pain Dec. 19, 2018

Jacob Sullum

A patient with metastatic prostate cancer tried to kill himself after he could not get the medicatio... Read More

Fentanyl Is the Latest Deadly Twist in America's Continuing Opioid Epidemic Dec. 05, 2018

Daily Editorials

The opioid epidemic has a deadly new star: fentanyl, which is easier to overdose with than prescript... Read More

Where Is the Plan to Ease the Pain? Nov. 09, 2018

C Force

Pain can take many forms. There is throbbing pain, stabbing pain, phantom pain, acute pain and chron... Read More

Why My Stepsons' Father Killed Himself Jan. 31, 2017

Dennis Prager

Last week, my two stepsons' father, a man who loved life, killed himself. I would like to tell you ... Read More