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May 26, 2020 May. 26, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My husband and I meet up with a group of family and close friends every week for lunch. ... Read More

Life Lessons on the Road Jun. 04, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I want to take a cross-country road trip — just me, myself and the highway. My pla... Read More

Skin in the Game Nov. 07, 2018

Walter E. Williams

In describing the GOP tax cuts, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that they and bonuses Americ... Read More

Chicago Bonds Oct. 03, 2018

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I'm an 86-year-old retired steelworker. I am in good health and receive substantial ... Read More

When There's No Compromising Aug. 21, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My husband and I are at an impasse. He wants to have a fourth child; I want to stick wit... Read More

Sight For Thor Eyes Jun. 06, 2017

The Science Advice Goddess

I'm a 35-year-old masculine gay man. I've had relationships with (masculine) gay men, but I'm often... Read More

Facing a Deal Breaker? Mar. 13, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: After a series of, let's just say, not-so-nice relationships, my best friend and old col... Read More

Shrink the Supreme Court? Nov. 03, 2016

Steve Chapman

When you can't win a fair contest, you have a few choices. You can gracefully accept the loss. You c... Read More

More Insights Into SSA Operations Aug. 17, 2016

Social Security and You

About a month ago, I wrote a column that led to some insights into the way the Social Security Admin... Read More

Fifty Shades Of Wait Feb. 23, 2016

The Science Advice Goddess

I'm a very successful guy in my 30s. I had a lot of casual sex in my 20s, but I got sick of the dis... Read More

Enough Already With Debates Oct. 30, 2015

Linda Chavez

There was a time when presidential debates were just that, debates on policy among candidates. Not s... Read More

The Republicans Expose Their Jugulars May. 27, 2015

Roger Simon

The Republican Party suffers from an embarrassment of riches. It has too many really swell candidate... Read More

How Many Credit Cards Do You Really Need? Dec. 17, 2014

Ask Carrie

Dear Carrie: I'm suffering from credit card fatigue. It's not that I ever carry a balance from mont... Read More

Andy Capp

Aug. 01, 2014

Your Number Is Up! Jul. 02, 2014

Social Security and You

In last week's column, I shared some stories about the history of the Social Security number. That w... Read More

GOP: Dial 1-800-Ask-A-Black-Man Before Commenting on Race Apr. 11, 2014

Roland S. Martin

Every time a Republican gets into hot water, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Com... Read More

Working it Out

Mar. 10, 2014

Flo & Friends

Feb. 19, 2014

The Meaning of Lila

Feb. 07, 2014

Wee Pals

Jan. 16, 2014