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Pleasant Dreams Versus Nightmares Oct. 23, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I dream a lot, but unfortunately most of my dreams are terrible nightmares. I've tried ... Read More

Sailing Away Jan. 04, 2017

Roger Simon

Temperature up. Throat scratchy. A productive cough. If you do not know what a "productive" cough is... Read More

Americans Are No Longer on the Move Dec. 30, 2016

Michael Barone

Americans see themselves as people on the move. When the going gets tough or when opportunity beckon... Read More

Bad News Continues to Roll In for Obamacare Nightmare Nov. 25, 2014

David Limbaugh

Whatever we do, let's not allow ourselves to be distracted from the continuing nightmare of Obamacar... Read More

Is the Ferguson Nightmare Just Beginning? Aug. 20, 2014

Roger Simon

Could it be that our long national nightmare is just beginning? Could it be that after decade upon d... Read More

The Continuing Obamacare Nightmare Jun. 10, 2014

David Limbaugh

While President Obama diverts the nation's attention with his other myriad scandals, the Obamacare E... Read More

Fear of the Nightmare Mar. 08, 2014

Beyond Addiction

Alcohol and other drugs play no part in this column, for once. Maybe that's why this tragedy is even... Read More

Some Mighty Big Shoes to Fill Mar. 07, 2014

The Usual Eccentric

Clowns send a cold shiver down my spine. Clowns play a recurring role in any nightmare I have. Clown... Read More

Free Range

Mar. 05, 2014

Mickey Mouse

Feb. 22, 2014

Take This Date and Shove it, Part II Jan. 18, 2014

Tales From the Front

They're called blind dates, but maybe, in the interest of truthfulness, they should be called blind,... Read More

Take This Date And Shove It, Part I Jan. 17, 2014

Tales From the Front

There are a few things in life that are almost always bound to be a huge disappointment — an o... Read More

Boyfriend Avoids Conflict at All Costs Dec. 22, 2013

Mars and Venus

Dear John: I am in a long-distance relationship and it works for us. We have a great time when we're... Read More