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Blooper Patrol Finds Cash in the Cellar Jan. 08, 2020

The Word Guy

Members of the ever-vigilant Word Guy Blooper Patrol have sent me this latest collection of gaffes, ... Read More

'Trooper' Trope Troubles Troupers Aug. 14, 2019

The Word Guy

Q: The lead character in the comic strip "Rex Morgan, M.D." recently referred to someone as a "real ... Read More

Dogged Readers Snarl at Pet Peeves Jun. 05, 2019

The Word Guy

Every so often, I like to unleash my readers' pet peeves, aka 'pete noires, 'cur'sed terms and 'dog'... Read More

Can You Catch 40 Winks? May. 15, 2019

The Word Guy

Can you find and replace each of the 40 usage errors in this account of my spring-cleaning? (The num... Read More

Reader Bludgeons 'High Dungeon' May. 01, 2019

The Word Guy

Q: I was watching a news program, and one of the guests said someone "was in high dungeon" instead o... Read More

Blooper Patrol Laps Up Lapses Apr. 24, 2019

The Word Guy

The ever-vigilant Word Guy Blooper Patrol has been working overtime to apprehend examples of erroneo... Read More