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Is America Up for a Naval War with China? Jul. 17, 2020

Patrick Buchanan

Is the U.S., preoccupied with a pandemic and a depression that medical crisis created, prepared for ... Read More

Mafia Don: The President Guards His Swamp May. 26, 2020

Jeff Robbins

BY JEFF ROBBINS RELEASE: TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2020 Mafia Don: The President Guards His Swamp Notorious... Read More

The First Scandal of Campaign 2024 May. 21, 2020

Joe Conason

Do you remember Mike Pompeo? Not the Pompeo who now serves as secretary of state, and who liked to b... Read More

Pompeo Opens a New Front in the War Against Transparency and Accountability May. 20, 2020

Daily Editorials

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is smart enough to know that auditors and inspectors general aren't a... Read More

The Case for Israeli Annexation May. 15, 2020

Josh Hammer

As Israel forms its new government and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returns stateside from Jerusal... Read More

China's Coronavirus Lies Continue Piling Up May. 08, 2020

Daily Editorials

A Department of Homeland Security analysis has concluded that China hid the early spread of the coro... Read More

Iran's 'Death to America' Ayatollahs in an Epidemic Bind Mar. 09, 2020

Daily Editorials

In a Feb. 28 press statement, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a remarkable offer. America "... Read More

Middle East Strategy Needs Adjustment Jan. 13, 2020

Daily Editorials

America's Middle East strategy continues to resemble something a backyard quarterback draws up in th... Read More

Trump Upholds the Tradition of Lying About War Jan. 09, 2020

Steve Chapman

Donald Trump's administration has been a fountain of lies from his first day in office. But the U.S.... Read More

Fort Bragg Answers a 911 Call Again Jan. 09, 2020

Daily Editorials

When the president calls 911, the phone rings at Fort Bragg. It is an expression some version of whi... Read More

Anxiety Grips Leaderless America Jan. 07, 2020

Froma Harrop

George W. Bush and Barack Obama both had Gen. Qassem Soleimani in their gunsights. Neither ordered t... Read More

Mike Pompeo Was Definitely NOT a Marine Officer Nov. 09, 2019

Mark Shields

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has impressive credentials: He graduated third in his class from Los ... Read More

Pompeo and Barr Oct. 23, 2019

Star Parker

Two recent high-profile speeches by Trump administration officials say much — maybe even all w... Read More

America's Individual-Sanctions Weapon: Economic and Diplomatic Warfare Power With an Information Edge Oct. 16, 2019

Austin Bay

With the goals of halting human rights abuse and deterring corruption, the U.S. Treasury Department ... Read More

Trump's GOP Defenders Need to Recognize the Clear and Present Danger He Poses Oct. 04, 2019

Daily Editorials

President Donald Trump either deliberately chooses not to acknowledge the supremacy of federal law o... Read More

Dangerous Straits Sep. 18, 2019

Daily Editorials

A new Middle East war seems a very bad option. Over the weekend, we got another reminder that we liv... Read More

Who Wants This War with Iran? May. 17, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

Speaking on state TV of the prospect of a war in the Gulf, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei ... Read More

Trump's Fondness for Strongmen Leaders Abroad May. 15, 2019

Jamie Stiehm

We the people are preoccupied and landlocked with the Mueller report on the Russia investigation, di... Read More

Are All the World's Problems Ours? May. 10, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

In 2003, George W. Bush took us to war to liberate Iraq from the despotism of Saddam Hussein and con... Read More

Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran? May. 07, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

Last week, it was Venezuela in America's gun sights. "While a peaceful solution is desirable, milit... Read More