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Networks Selectively Cover Select Committees Jul. 28, 2021

Tim Graham

On July 27, four Capitol Police officers testified before the new House "Select Committee on the Jan... Read More

Biden's Wild Murder and Jim Crow Accusations Jul. 21, 2021

Tim Graham

Liberals boasted that the election of Joe Biden meant a return to sober, restrained presidential rhe... Read More

Mark Levin's Call to Rebut 'American Marxism' Jul. 16, 2021

Tim Graham

We're six months into the Biden administration, and the liberal media is still obsessing over new bo... Read More

Meghan McCain Often Did What Political Media Wouldn't Jul. 09, 2021

David Harsanyi

Meghan McCain is leaving "The View." One assumes that regular readers of editorial pages and politic... Read More

The News Media Versus the Flag-waving Weirdos? Jul. 07, 2021

Tim Graham

Independence Day is supposed to be a day of national unity. President Joe Biden proclaimed: "The Fou... Read More

Jill Biden, 'Every Inch a Goddess' Jun. 30, 2021

Tim Graham

So much of what people call "news" isn't hard facts. There's a less favorable word for it: publicity... Read More

Exposing Media Bias Is a 'Bad Faith' Argument? Jun. 16, 2021

Tim Graham

The arrogance of the liberal media can be measured by their dismissal of all conservative criticism ... Read More

The Hunter Biden Omission Continues Jun. 02, 2021

Tim Graham

Right now we're getting a feeling that echoes the feeling from last fall, a sense that every new pie... Read More

The Republican Secret Weapon May. 28, 2021

Erick Erickson

Apoorva Mandavilli is The New York Times' COVID-19 reporter. "Someday we will stop talking about the... Read More

Victory for the Santorum Squashers May. 26, 2021

Tim Graham

Rick Santorum's gig as a CNN contributor came to an abrupt halt on May 22. Leftists on Twitter final... Read More

Reform Prosecutors May Hang on, but National Democrats May Not May. 21, 2021

Michael Barone

This week's Democratic primary election for Philadelphia district attorney could presage outcomes in... Read More

Manchin Is Not the Media's McCain May. 21, 2021

Tim Graham

The bad news for liberals arrived on the front page of the May 18 Washington Post under the mild-man... Read More

Press Deceit Is a Pathology May. 20, 2021

Laura Hollis

A free country depends upon an honest and vigilant press to demand accountability from the country's... Read More

CNN'S View of Rioters Depends on Its Politics May. 19, 2021

Tim Graham

In recent days, CNN has put a major emphasis on "new" videos of the dreadful Jan. 6 Capitol riot, ex... Read More

Team Biden's Rigid Control of the Press May. 12, 2021

Tim Graham

Everyone knew instinctively that the Biden White House would get enormous cooperation and positive m... Read More

NPR at 50 Years: Still a Liberal Sandbox May. 07, 2021

Tim Graham

National Public Radio is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week in a classic way: asking its fan... Read More

Fact-Checkers Embrace the Jim Crow Smear May. 05, 2021

Tim Graham

Liberal journalists love to align themselves with "facts" and "truth" and have singled out their lib... Read More

The Circular Logic of Systemic Racism Apr. 28, 2021

Ben Shapiro

Last week, ex-police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murde... Read More

The Stealth Edits Helping Stacey Abrams Apr. 28, 2021

Tim Graham

When Democrats get caught in a political pickle, they can count on the borrowed authority of "journa... Read More

Should Judges Always Honor Crusading Liberal Media? Apr. 23, 2021

Tim Graham

New York Times Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak recently sounded the alarm with a headline that re... Read More