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Eisenhower the Commander Versus Trump the Pretender Oct. 07, 2020

Jamie Stiehm

Washington — I'm a liberal, and I love Eisenhower Republicans after viewing the new memorial f... Read More

Before You Start a Nonprofit Organization Oct. 06, 2020

Succeeding in Your Business

"I am looking to set up a nonprofit organization with some friends to help raise funds for an obscur... Read More

Mercury Change Imminent -- Talk Now! Sep. 25, 2020

Horoscopes by Holiday

Take advantage of the chance to strengthen relationships through communication these last days of Me... Read More

Swallow the Leader Sep. 24, 2020

Work Daze

If you've been waiting for a sliver of good news to brighten your day, it's time to reach for your R... Read More

A Challenge and a Prayer Sep. 17, 2020

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

It's easy to become frustrated, especially in politics, as Election Day grows near. It's harder, but... Read More

Moments Sep. 05, 2020

Susan Estrich

There are moments when it all goes bad. I can barely even type the words. Nothing works. Everything ... Read More

Short Takes on Coronavirus Do's, Don'ts and Dunces Aug. 19, 2020

Daily Editorials

To Infect and Serve As Florida struggles with record coronavirus deaths, one sheriff there has decid... Read More

For John Lewis, We Will Carry On Jul. 23, 2020

Connie Schultz

The first time I met John Lewis, in 2003, it was as the new girlfriend of his colleague in the House... Read More

The Hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter Movement Jul. 18, 2020

Diane Dimond

Black lives matter. Of course they do. But it is now abundantly clear that the lives, safety and dig... Read More

Thunder Moon Celebration Jul. 04, 2020

Horoscopes by Holiday

The birthday of America comes under the full moon in Capricorn this year with a lunar eclipse as the... Read More

Political Grief on Top of Fear, Depression and Economic Loss Jun. 18, 2020

Froma Harrop

COVID-19 is not at all over and shows every sign of staging a return. We've been through a lot of fe... Read More

What Leadership Means May. 30, 2020

Mark Shields

History can be cruel. The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., who was unquestionably America's ... Read More

Leader Lost: Remembering Al Lowenstein May. 22, 2020

Daily Editorials

In 1967, an unknown 38-year-old civil rights activist from New York took it upon himself to change t... Read More

Frank Advice From a Close Friend Apr. 25, 2020

Mark Shields

There was, I can testify, a lot more drinking in Washington, D.C., before May 15, 1978. That was the... Read More

This President Knows Television! Apr. 11, 2020

Mark Shields

Somebody close to President Donald Trump could, in a burst of candor, tell him that he does not know... Read More

The Citizens Just Get On With It Apr. 07, 2020

William Murchison

You can tell we're getting restless — twitching and twisting and otherwise maneuvering ourselv... Read More

How Governor Cuomo Filled the Void Apr. 02, 2020

Froma Harrop

"Politics abhors a vacuum," said the late John McCain, as have others. The coronavirus menace shows ... Read More

His Finest Hour: Andrew Cuomo Reminds Us How It's Done Mar. 31, 2020

Jeff Robbins

In "The Splendid and the Vile," his new book about former Prime Minister Winston Churchill's steward... Read More

Notes From the New Normal Mar. 25, 2020

Jamie Stiehm

"The old custom of shaking hands fell into disuse." The line comes from Philadelphia in the 1793 ye... Read More

Oxymoron Supermoon Mar. 08, 2020

Horoscopes by Holiday, Weekly

The supermoon in Virgo is an oxymoronic lunar phenomenon, a mix of ego and humility that shines the ... Read More