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Nice Guys Aug. 12, 2020

Single File®

DEAR SUSAN: Those supposed "bad boys" are filling some need in girls' lives that makes them take not... Read More

Classic Ann Landers Feb. 23, 2020

Classic Ann Landers

Editor's Note: Hundreds of Ann Landers' loyal readers have requested that newspapers continue to pub... Read More

Polite Reader Forgives Me Jun. 17, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR WALLACE: I read in your column that a dermatologist told you no suntan is good for the recipient.... Read More

Are Shared Interests Necessary? Feb. 11, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I've been seeing this woman for about a month. She is beautiful and smart and thinks I'm... Read More

Identity Politics Are a Double-Edged Sword Sep. 04, 2018

Froma Harrop

The recent primaries, particularly on the Democratic side, have unleashed a pack of first-ism cliche... Read More

Trump Turns Farmers Into a Sacrifice Feb. 15, 2018

Froma Harrop

Our generally strong economy has yet to cast its blessings on American farm country. Incomes there a... Read More

'America First' Is Not a Threat but a Promise Jan. 27, 2017

Michael Barone

"From this day forward, it's going to be only America first, America first," Donald Trump proclaimed... Read More

Premarital Divorce Dec. 07, 2016

Single File®

Of all the rough spots confronting a single woman, a breakup is perhaps the most excruciating. That ... Read More

Divorce After a Long Marriage Aug. 25, 2016

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am a 70-year-old man with two adult sons. My wife and I divorced eight years ago after... Read More

Interests Aug. 17, 2016

Single File®

The objective here is for you to make a list of your current interests. To get started, ask yourself... Read More

Mutualism Apr. 01, 2016

Single File®

Love, schmove! The word is generally overused and universally misunderstood. After temporary insanit... Read More

Susan Says Dec. 11, 2015

Single File®

DEAR SUSAN: Here I am again, your favorite blogger — the one you love to hate. Women aren't a ... Read More

Putin Will Find Appearances Can Deceive Oct. 15, 2015

Steve Chapman

It's now a tenet of conventional wisdom that our policy in Syria is an embarrassment as well as a fl... Read More

Procrastinator Needs Structure Jan. 11, 2015

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: What recommendations do you have to help children not procrastinate on doing their required schoo... Read More

Finding Passion Is in Fashion Nov. 05, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: How do you find extracurricular activities that your kid will like? I've tried them all, and our ... Read More

Ebola and Obama Oct. 07, 2014

Thomas Sowell

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is both a danger in itself and a wake-up call for Americans —... Read More