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Robert Durst: Is He a Serial Killer? Mar. 07, 2020

Diane Dimond

The strange little man currently on trial for a 2000 murder in Los Angles admits he has killed befor... Read More

HBO: Vicious to Christians, Silent on Muslims Feb. 14, 2020

Tim Graham

HBO is currently running a dark little miniseries called "The New Pope," which is basically a reboot... Read More

God Takes a Beating on Television Sep. 13, 2019

Tim Graham

It's a fallacy to suggest that in the news media, business trumps politics. CNN's and MSNBC's dismal... Read More

'Art' and Its Ugly Consequences Jul. 18, 2019

Laura Hollis

Late last month, Andrew Anthony wrote in The Guardian a glowing review of Nick Broomfield's new docu... Read More

HBO Drags Disney Star Into the Gutter Jun. 14, 2019

Tim Graham

The programmers at HBO pride themselves in setting the tone for the rest of television, especially w... Read More

'The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley': Elizabeth Holmes, Queen of Lies Mar. 15, 2019


Looking back, it's puzzling that more people didn't wise up to Elizabeth Holmes more quickly. The St... Read More

'May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers': The Greatest Little Band That's Never Gone Platinum Feb. 02, 2018


I have failed several times to pigeonhole the Avett Brothers for people I think might like them. It'... Read More

Bill Maher and Perpetual Adolescence Jun. 07, 2017

Star Parker

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse appeared on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" show to promote his new boo... Read More

HBO Prepares Another Corrupt-Pope Series Sep. 09, 2016

Tim Graham

Imagine a miniseries that has at its center a cynical, corrupt President Obama who arrogantly tells ... Read More

HBO: History Bungling Office Apr. 22, 2016

Tim Graham

HBO should stand for History Bungling Office. Over and over again, they have abused their disclaimer... Read More

The Liberal War on Black Men Apr. 20, 2016

Star Parker

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas, then a judge on the U.S. Court of App... Read More

'Confirmation' -- HBO's High-Tech Lynching Apr. 19, 2016

Debra J. Saunders

The left is masterful at rewriting history. Witness HBO's TV movie "Confirmation," which aired Satur... Read More

HBO's Fetish for Mapplethorpe Apr. 08, 2016

Tim Graham

HBO shocked the world on April 4 by unveiling a 100-minute documentary honoring the legacy and legis... Read More

HBO's Dreadful Reagan Lie May. 30, 2014

Tim Graham

It's been 10 years since Ronald Reagan passed away, but one horrible myth about him will not die. Wh... Read More

Media Yawn at Hollywood Child Abuse May. 09, 2014

Tim Graham

In August of 2011, the former child actor Corey Feldman made a stunning assertion to ABC News: "I ca... Read More

'Veep's' Tony Hale Makes the Most Out of Bloopers Apr. 24, 2014

Hollywood Exclusive

It's almost scary to imagine that there are real-life "body men" in political circles who are like G... Read More

Jezebel vs. Vogue: Feminists Now Debate Nudity and Fat Jan. 24, 2014

Suzanne Fields

There's a catfight on magazine row in New York, sort of. There's nothing lady-like about it. Jezebel... Read More

Between Mystique and Failure Jun. 13, 2012

Suzanne Fields

When Chelsea Clinton stood in for her mother at a recent gala at the Kennedy Center in Washington, s... Read More