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Gorgeous Wines of Alsace Mar. 09, 2021

Dan Berger on Wine

One of France's finest wine-growing regions, and one of its least understood, is the northern distri... Read More

Gorgeous Wines of Alsace Feb. 22, 2021

Dan Berger on Wine

One of France's finest wine-growing regions, and one of its least understood, is the northern distri... Read More

January 12, 2021 Jan. 12, 2021

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: In October, I visited my family in France. Three weeks after I returned home, the terror... Read More

When a Country Reeling From Crisis Turns to an Aging Father Figure Oct. 24, 2020

Ted Rall

Not long ago, there was a country whose people were suffering a devastating moral, political and eco... Read More

In the Air and on the Ground in Cotentin in Normandy Jul. 18, 2020

Travel and Adventure

By Patricia Woeber In Normandy the Cotentin Peninsula, the land that juts into the English Channel, ... Read More

King of Cornas May. 26, 2020

Wine Talk

Editor's Note: This column was first published in 2013 and updated for a 2020 release. Unlike many o... Read More

A Celebration of Bordeaux Dec. 28, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Richard Carroll Place de la Comedie in the heart of Bordeaux, France, is like an enormous magnet ... Read More

Today France, Tomorrow the USA? Dec. 24, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

As that rail and subway strike continued to paralyze travel in Paris and across France into the thir... Read More

Is Macron Right? Is NATO, 70, Brain Dead? Nov. 26, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

A week from now, the 29 member states of "the most successful alliance in history" will meet to cele... Read More

Is Democracy a Dying Species? Oct. 22, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

What happens when democracy fails to deliver? What happens when people give up on democracy? What ha... Read More

Toy Plane Is the Bomb Oct. 04, 2019

Antique or Junque

Q: This Hubley metal toy plane with the original box was a gift to me around 1960, and it is in mint... Read More

Heat Wave Jul. 27, 2019

Susan Estrich

On the day I left Paris (after a well-timed visit to my daughter), the temperature was 96 degrees Fa... Read More

Finding People to Fill Empty Spaces Jun. 11, 2019

Froma Harrop

A tiny French mountain village with a long name, L'Hospitalet-pres-l'Andorre, has lost half its popu... Read More

Sometimes Parties Have to Change to Thrive -- or Even Survive May. 31, 2019

Michael Barone

Political parties generally go unappreciated, even among those inclined to celebrate representative ... Read More

What We Can Learn From the European Union May. 29, 2019

Ben Shapiro

The European Union Parliament elections this week provided a shock to the system for the center-righ... Read More

A Crucial Election in Israel Apr. 19, 2019

Suzanne Fields

Benjamin Netanyahu won his fifth term as prime minister of Israel. He's not the most beloved in the ... Read More

Resurrection and Life Apr. 18, 2019

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

The fact that the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris occurred during Holy Week has led me to thin... Read More

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Crippling Tax Proposal Jan. 25, 2019

Adriana Cohen

When it comes to resolving issues surrounding income inequality, Democrats want it both ways. They s... Read More

At Age 70, Time to Rethink NATO Jan. 18, 2019

Patrick Buchanan

"Treaties are like roses and young girls. They last while they last." So said President Charles De ... Read More

Returning Artifacts Means Confronting an Ugly History Dec. 26, 2018

Daily Editorials

France recently reignited international debate on what to do with artwork in Western museums stolen ... Read More