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To Our Surprise, Face Masks Will Be Partly Missed May. 04, 2021

Froma Harrop

When told to wear face masks two COVID-plagued winters ago, we thought: "Can't wait until this is ov... Read More

The COVID-19 Disaster That Did Not Happen in Texas: Cases Are Rising Mainly in States With Stricter Disease Control Policies Apr. 21, 2021

Daily Editorials

When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted his statewide face mask mandate and his limits on business occupa... Read More

Enemies of Logic Unite! Anti-Maskers March for the Cause of Ignorance Jul. 30, 2020

Daily Editorials

It's amazing how a simple face covering designed to help humans survive a pandemic has managed to wh... Read More

To Mask or Not To Mask Jul. 23, 2020

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

Washington — I have, for most of my adult life, been a practicing hypochondriac. So, it will c... Read More

Responsibility and Tribalism Jul. 17, 2020

Erick Erickson

In February and early March, the experts on television, the Centers for Disease Control and Preventi... Read More

Packed Bars and Young Adults Driving COVID Surge Jul. 03, 2020

C Force

Here is a recipe for a cocktail you do not want to mix during the upcoming holiday weekend. It start... Read More

It's Not a Debate: Wear a Mask Jul. 02, 2020

Connie Schultz

If you're still opposed to wearing a face mask in public, this column is for Very Special You. I don... Read More

The Race Card, 2020 Version: How Trump Has Used the Pandemic to Play His Willie Horton Card May. 30, 2020

Susan Estrich

Donald Trump has been trying for years to play his Willie Horton card, to divide the country along l... Read More

Face Masks Shouldn't Be Partisan Props May. 30, 2020

Corey Friedman

Not since the tomato-red "Make America Great Again" hat has a clothing accessory carried this much p... Read More

The War of the Masks May. 28, 2020

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

Washington — I see a war has broken out even as we talk of opening up our states' economies. P... Read More

Smile Behind the Mask May. 23, 2020

Katiedid Langrock

"Let me see," my 7-year-old said. I smiled at him. "Mama," he said, "your mask is on." "Oh! Right." ... Read More

Supply and Demand, Hoarding, Price Gouging -- and the Coronavirus Mar. 12, 2020

Veronique de Rugy

As the saying goes, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." I would add, "and anti-price gouging l... Read More

5 Easy Spa Treatments You Can Do at Home to Pamper Yourself Dec. 18, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

If you don't happen to have an extra hundred bucks to enjoy a day at the spa, don't sweat it. There ... Read More