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Don't Regulate the Rail Industry Feb. 04, 2020

Stephen Moore

President Donald Trump rightly touts the economy-wide savings from his deregulation initiatives. But... Read More

Trump's Promise Aug. 21, 2019

John Stossel

President Donald Trump promised he'd get rid of bad rules. "Remove the anchor dragging us down!" he... Read More

Freedom Ranking Jan. 31, 2018

John Stossel

Is America the world's freest country? Sadly, no. When researchers first started doing detailed int... Read More

Bogus Racist Claims Against Trump Jan. 31, 2018

Star Parker

As President Trump lays out and implements his vision for American success — via his campaign ... Read More

The Trumpian (or Something) Achievement Jan. 30, 2018

William Murchison

The media will make of the State of the Union speech what it will — which won't be much, given... Read More

1 Year in Office: Trump Keeps Defying His Critics Jan. 02, 2018

Stephen Moore

Since the day Donald Trump was elected president in November 2016, the Dow Jones industrial average ... Read More

Here Come the Animal Spirits Jan. 02, 2018

William Murchison

According to a New Year's Day New York Times story, business has become energized and optimistic: to... Read More

3 Things to Like About 2017 Dec. 28, 2017

Veronique de Rugy

This time of year, we pause to take stock of what happened in the year that has passed. Although the... Read More

Trump's War on Red Tape Jul. 12, 2017

Betsy McCaughey

On Friday the Veterans Affairs posted a list of hundreds of VA employees fired or punished for misco... Read More

Fly Better Jun. 14, 2017

John Stossel

Wonder why your flight is late? Why planes keep circling? Why even after you've landed, you sometime... Read More

Draining the Dodd-Frank Swamp Jun. 14, 2017

Star Parker

The House just passed the Financial CHOICE Act, which enacts major reforms to the Dodd-Frank Act, si... Read More

Break the Chains May. 03, 2017

John Stossel

My head spins. Before President Trump was elected, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai came on my TV show, ups... Read More

The Biggest News in Washington: Deregulation Mar. 08, 2017

Betsy McCaughey

If you want to start a business, the World Bank says you'd do better to move to Canada than setting ... Read More

Why the Image of the Great Economic Leader Is Dangerous Jan. 11, 2017

Ben Shapiro

On Tuesday, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, one of the richest men on the planet, met with President-elect Dona... Read More

Feeding Average Joe to Wall Street Jul. 11, 2011

Froma Harrop

Republicans want to make Americans more responsible for their own economic security while curbing th... Read More

Obama Pulls a Clinton Jan. 18, 2011

Robert Scheer

Here we go again. When Bill Clinton suffered an electoral reversal after his first two years in offi... Read More