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Addiction Among Older Americans Jan. 24, 2020

Positive Aging

Most Americans over the age of 50 are not strangers to the following names: Ambien, Ativan, Klonopin... Read More

Before and After Welfare Handouts May. 09, 2018

Walter E. Williams

Before the massive growth of our welfare state, private charity was the sole option for an individua... Read More

Jeb and His Vassals Lose Sight of the Serfs Jul. 16, 2015

Froma Harrop

"In the feudal system," The Oxford English Dictionary says, a vassal is "one holding lands from a su... Read More

Obama's Income Inequality Scam Apr. 25, 2014

David Limbaugh

One of the many ironies surrounding President Obama is that for all his harping on income inequality... Read More

In Richest US Community, 31 Percent Work for Government Apr. 23, 2014

Terence Jeffrey

Those who live in this nation's richest county and those who live its poorest have an important thin... Read More

A Hard Way to Learn a Hard Lesson Feb. 23, 2014

Tales From the Front

Mara cried when she broke up with Zac. They'd been together for almost three years. She said she wan... Read More

Dependency, Not Poverty Feb. 12, 2014

Walter E. Williams

There is no material poverty in the U.S. Here are a few facts about people whom the Census Bureau la... Read More

Fact-Free Liberals: Part III Jan. 21, 2014

Thomas Sowell

Since this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the "war on poverty," we can expect many... Read More

Depending on Dependency Sep. 09, 2012

Thomas Sowell

The theme that most seemed to rouse the enthusiasm of delegates to the Democratic National Conventio... Read More

Two Different Worlds Sep. 01, 2011

Thomas Sowell

Ideological clashes over particular laws, policies and programs often go far deeper. Those with oppo... Read More