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Adding Son Apr. 28, 2019

House Calls

Ms. Lank: Does the existence of a mortgage on the property cause the bank or other mortgage holder t... Read More

No Broker Needed Apr. 07, 2019

House Calls

We are looking to purchase a new primary residence and would like to sell our current home to our so... Read More

No Deed Change Mar. 17, 2019

House Calls

Dear Edith: My husband died last June. When I asked my lawyer about removing his name from the deed,... Read More

Worried About Transfer on Death Feb. 19, 2017

House Calls

Dear Edith: When my parents died, my brother and I inherited their house. I live in it now. I'm 70 y... Read More

Moving Out of State Oct. 02, 2016

House Calls

Hello! My mother asked me to write to you with some questions. My parents recently sold their home i... Read More

No Advance Notice Jun. 26, 2016

House Calls

Dear Edith: Would you help me settle a disagreement with my husband? Our house is listed for sale, a... Read More

Tenant Proposes a Deal Aug. 24, 2014

House Calls

Dear Edith: I own a townhouse, which I am still paying a mortgage on. I lease the home with a monthl... Read More

Wee Pals

May. 14, 2014

Two Years' Ownership and Occupancy Mar. 09, 2014

House Calls

Dear Ms. Lank: I understand that I must live in my house at least two years to avoid the tax on my p... Read More

Discount Brokers Feb. 16, 2014

House Calls

Dear Ms. Lank: I am planning to list my house by March or April. What is your opinion, pro and con, ... Read More

Changed Her Mind Dec. 29, 2013

House Calls

Dear Mrs. Lank: I have put my home up for sale, and my contract goes for two more months. I have now... Read More