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Liberal and Conservative Agree: Fathers Matter, Case Closed Aug. 13, 2020

Larry Elder

America has witnessed months of civil unrest in cities around America following the death of George ... Read More

What Democrats Today Really Want Oct. 09, 2019

Star Parker

Daniel Patrick Moynihan was an American public servant with characteristics all too rare today ̵... Read More

An American President and the World Oct. 28, 2017

Mark Shields

The release by the Trump administration of thousands of pages of classified documents related to the... Read More

Would We Rather Elect a Wacko Than a Woman? Jan. 11, 2017

Roger Simon

The anecdote is so perfect, so polished, so delicious that it doesn't matter whether it is precisely... Read More

What Queen Elizabeth Reveals About Trump Jan. 08, 2017

Steve Chapman

Life for a modern monarch is often a jeweled prison, with an excess of tedium and a dearth of author... Read More

A Crying Shame Oct. 10, 2015

Mark Shields

With no prompting, the stranger standing next to you in line will volunteer, after checking his pedo... Read More

Pat Moynihan Explains the 2016 Republican Race Aug. 29, 2015

Mark Shields

Daniel Patrick Moynihan — four-term U.S. senator from New York, ambassador and White House adv... Read More

Moynihan Report After 50 Years May. 06, 2015

Joseph Farah

As Baltimore smolders in the wake of Ferguson, Trayvon Martin and unprovoked black mob attacks on no... Read More

Shame Feb. 18, 2015

Walter E. Williams

Today's liberals are not racists, but they often behave that way. They would benefit immensely from ... Read More